Leaf Blowers in the Right Limits


A great advantage of a garden vacuum cleaner is the garbage shredder. Dry grass and leaves will be dissected into a homogeneous mass and will become a good fertilizer in your garden area. In addition, the chopper is structurally mounted above the plastic impeller and protects it from damage by large and heavy debris. As you visit https://webtreasurehunter.com/comparisons/best-battery-powered-leaf-blower/ you can have the best choices for the same.

The only drawback is the longer process of switching between the vacuum cleaner and blower modes, since it requires changing the nozzle and removing the bag.

Garbage bag

It can be of various volumes – from 40 to 80 liters. If you are not ready to work with a dimensional device and choose a smaller bag, then be prepared that you will have to clean it twice as often.

Ability to adjust the air flow

The presence of such adjustment will save energy or fuel when collecting light dry waste, and when cleaning wet leaves or snow will make it possible to increase the strength of the air flow.

Protecting the impeller from stones

Vacuum cleaners with such protection will last much longer, since an impeller made of plastic can easily be broken even from small gravel.

Electric motor power when powered by mains. Pay attention to this parameter, since power over 2500 W can lead to overheating of the wiring. For the operation of such a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary that the cross-section of the wiring harness and additional extension cords be at least 1.5 mm square.

Tips for Using a Garden Vacuum Cleaner

  • It is best to clean the area from foliage and dry grass in dry time.
  • Since vacuuming a large area is long enough, blow all the garbage in blower mode into one pile, and then switch to vacuum mode and collect.
  • Be careful when cleaning the area with fine gravel or rubble, do not move the vacuum cleaner nozzle point-blank to the ground, but keep it at a distance.
  • Use special clothing and safety glasses when operating the blower, as it forms a large cloud of dust.
  • Keep in mind that the garbage shredder is designed for foliage and dry grass; larger and harder garbage may not be able to do it.

A vacuum cleaner-blower is an excellent technical device with which you can quickly get rid of fallen leaves, small branches, grass blades and other garbage in the garden. The essence of his work is the same as that of a home vacuum cleaner – quickly and efficiently remove garbage. And if nobody has been cleaning the house with a broom and a whisk for a long time, then why not transfer the habit of using a vacuum cleaner to the house area? It’s easy, fast, simple and very modern – to vacuum your garden or even a lawn, and then carefully sweep the paths – it’s good that a good vacuum cleaner-blower also has this function.

Last Words

Believe me, cleaning the garden by hand, you will never achieve the perfect result: a clean garden and model paths, moreover, this process is long and rather tedious. Therefore, buying a garden vacuum cleaner is the right decision.

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