AC and the Right Options for Your Time

Explosion Proof HVAC

If you choose the second option, it is best to perform the installation in the room in which you spend, as a rule, the most time. Also, do not forget for a minute about the maintenance of air conditioners, which is carried out periodically by service companies. And in the event of a breakdown, air conditioning can be quickly and efficiently repaired by specialists. With the Explosion Proof HVAC this is very important now.

  • Next, we play a little closer attention to the power of the air conditioner. It can be of three types, cold production capacity, power consumption and heat power.
  • It is best that the power calculation is performed by a professional who will pre-inspect the room. Those companies that do not offer such services, as a rule, sell the first air conditioners that come across. And that means that you have to forget about long and reliable work.

The Importance of the Companies

Also, companies will be sure to take an interest in the area of ​​the room in which the air conditioner will be installed, then they will find out the direction of the light in which direction the windows of the room go out. All this information is analyzed and specified the optimal power of the air conditioner. At the same time, it’s not at all scary if you make a very small supply of power.

Although it’s not worth doing too much stock

It does not hurt to study the manufacturers of air conditioners before buying. Naturally, each company will position its products as the best, but this does not always correspond to the truth.

After choosing the appropriate option, we pay attention to the installation. Trust this work is necessary for specialists since air conditioners belong to complex climate technology. The quality and performance of the air conditioner depending on the correct and accurate installation. Of course, such services will cost a little more than cheap specialists. However, such savings are not justified, because the equipment installed by non-professionals can work just a little and very long and fail.

Very often, thoughts about buying a split system are visited on a hot summer day. After all, the main purpose of this device is to cool the room. There are many different models of split systems and in order to understand them, you need to familiarize yourself with their varieties.

Definition of split systems

The most popular type of air conditioner is a split system. They are used to support optimal indoor climate conditions. In an apartment, in a residential building or in an enterprise, these units are installed to create favorable temperature conditions.

Household split-systems are used in premises ranging from 2 to 120 sq.m. The main task is the cooling of warm air. Sometimes used as an additional heater.


Commercial split systems effectively cool areas from 80 to 350 sq.m. Suitable only if the area of ​​the entire facility is more than 200 square meters. m. Otherwise, it is cheaper to put an ordinary household split-system. The split systems for which the price is the highest are industrial-type air conditioners. Used on areas of over 300 sq.m. The main distinguishing feature is permanent work for 10 years. Virtually no maintenance or repair required.

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