Tinder and the Liking Options

Tinder Auto Liker

Let’s talk about the significant pros and cons of applications. Using the Tinder Auto Liker is essential there.


  • It is popular in the region, which means a large selection of partners.
  • A detailed description of profiles.
  • Availability of partner search filters.
  • Profile search mode on a small scale, which allows you to cut off girls unattractive to your taste in advance.
  • Verification of profiles.
  • Increased chances for new users.
  • A detailed description of profiles.
  • Verification of profiles.
  • There are filters.
  • After mutual sympathy, the girl writes first, the guys have limited access. This factor limits the endless stream of messages from guys, which increases the girl’s loyalty to the chosen one.


  • There is no user verification, that is, there is no guarantee of the authenticity of the user’s photos.
  • There are no filters for finding a partner, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of the search.
  • Tinder provides paid features that allow you to see the girls who rated you by default the girl’s profile opens only with mutual sympathy. In general, it is very convenient. There is a selection of top profiles from which you can rate girls without restrictions.
  • And also one boost, which displays your profile at the top for half an hour. Efficiency is quite high. You got 10-15 sympathies in half an hour. Remember to turn it on at the appropriate time, for example, Friday or Saturday evening.
  • The most profitable solution is to wait for a large number of users to rate your profile and then purchase a monthly subscription.
  • There is also a suspicion that the application contains fake accounts. The authenticity of the profile, in this case, is the linking of the Instagram service to it.
  • There are fewer users in the region regarding Tinder.
  • New users have an increased chance of success among the opposite sex. In the first week, profile activity is very high. It’s convenient to filter profiles, which allows you to search for a partner very efficiently.
  • Subscribing is cheaper. The expert recommends purchasing a subscription for the first couple of weeks after registration. After this period, activity disappears. The growth of new users is very slow. Over time, efficiency fades.
  • Unpopular in the region.
  • An interesting concept with the expectation that people will be more careful about the description of the profile, unlike Tinder. But the lack of a large number of users reduces the effectiveness of the application to nothing.

Each application has its pros and cons.

At the very beginning of using applications, there is a sincere desire to be creative, try to make a good impression. After many attempts, which often result in ignoring by the partner and this happens often the creative is reduced to zero. You begin to either act according to the pattern or write immediately about the meeting.

Based on this, it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of my use of dating apps. But during the period of analysis of competitors experts advised one of the applications to my friend, and he found a girl there whom he has been dating for a long time and wants to build a family. Everything is very individual, and making unambiguous conclusions is pointless here.

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