Uniqueness and gist of an art which makes you comfortable

Foley recording

Foley is an art that makes you feel deep inside and it also may reveal your memories back which is happened in your past or which may happen in your present. Foley is the process of reproducing the sound in the playbacks of films, videos in the fields of post-production. It also helps in the process of making the productions in videos, productions in photography and also helps in making of film production. The art of a Foley is introduced by Jack Foley who is an artist.it also includes the individual segments of recording while used in the shooting process. This is the article about Foley recording .

Unique method

The artist Jack Foley used to produce different types of sounds in a different manner in a unique way. These sounds are used in making a film. Mostly the film will be fulfilled only when the scenes have playback music and songs even when the fighting scenes occurs. This makes the people or an audience the most enjoyable moment in the film, for example, we used to play a background sound when the actor/actress used to enter the film. Without music, there will be bored watching the film. In older days, we used to see films without any sounds in the background but nowadays the movie without any sounds might be a flop. This art is also used in synchronizing the music which could be played at the right time and in the right manner. The music should be correctly enhanced with the scene without any appropriate mistakes.

Jack Foley

This art of Foley is also referred to as the place of the Foley stage or Foley studio. This art is also used to make sounds or also to recreate the sounds, which is to say as ambient sounds or it is also called background sounds. As we discussed already the background sounds are very important in the process of making a film. The process of cutting is also under the process of Foley. By using this Foley we can also use to dub the film, the dubbing process will also come under the process of Foley. These types of dubbing, cutting, recording, rerecording processes will be done after the process of the post-production process which means after completion of scenes in the film. We can also able to get an obscure voice without any disturbance.


The Foley is named also as an uncanny valley as it is very useful in film production after the post-production process which also cannot be destroyed and as well as it also cannot be buried. This is another specialty in the process of Foley.


The process of Foley consists of stages namely moves, specifies and feet.


The feet are the process that directly means the sounds which hear due to the footsteps. These feet process is done according to the floors and shoes. There are different types of the floor as well as shoes which produce a different way of sound.


The moves in the process are used to describe the sound which is produced by the swishing of clothes, rubbing the two materials, etc… near the microphone.


This specifies process is the sound when the doorbell rings, closing the door, etc… it is used to check the reverberation process. Posting audio is a very difficult process.

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