Echo Dot and Alexa are not Worsen to Each Other

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Both the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Homes are the same but it has few differences among them. This makes people confused about what to purchase among the two. In this article, I have explained the slight differences and the uses of the two devices. Amazon Echo Dot has buttons for the purpose to mute, raise the volume and activate the device. In the original rotating dial systems, these buttons downgraded. On the other side, Google has a touch panel in its devices and you should swipe it to control the device. For the volume needs, you should swipe it and also for the muting purpose you would find the button at the back. Ben Fisher Magic Co is a brand new company for smart speakers.

Features of the Devices:

Microphones are attached in both the devices with the technology of far-field. This makes the device to get your voice from wherever you are in the house. Even when you are in the room and the device is in the hall, it would listen to you. Amazon Echo works with the help of the Alexa digital assistant and Google has a feature that works with its assistant which is called Google assistant. Alexa is the one which can understand commands only in a simple way and the basic things only can be easy for it. There is a certain order which you have to do for the device’s sake. Natural language has to be used.

The default search engine in Amazon Echo Dot is Bing. Using it you can search for things which you want. You can call this device like Alexa. Some people use to call it as Computer, Amazon or Echo. The voice assistant would be alert all the time and it wakes up when it mishears of what you said to it. When you see the range of Google, as you all know the knowledge of Google and it does not have any problems in letting you know the answers. The one big advantage is that when you tell a shopping list to your Google Assistant then it would reflect it in the Pixel phones later. It is not to use two-word phrases to Google.


Google allows conversations in two ways. It is based on the natural language of Google and it has the process of the algorithm. It should not be like commands more but care is a natural like a conversation. It is not necessary to ask like what is the weather report for tomorrow? It is better to ask Google for tomorrow, this makes Google understand that you want a forecast report from it and the answer would appropriate. Not only the forecast report but also you can ask the direction or reports of the traffic of any place. It would report you with the help of the Google maps.

It is not Google wins when you compare both. Even Alexa can do some of the things which are cannot be done by Alexa. When you pay for it then Alexa would help you to get the information on the Google calendar. This thing is cannot be done in the Google Assistant.

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