Throwback of park west to parc clematis

Parc Clematis

Parc Clematis is one of the best projects in Singapore, which many people are on the attempt to buy the unit or flat. The parc clematis is the new name of the west park project, and the project is about the whole area of 633644 square feet, and the translating plot is of the ratio of 2.1 parc clematis. Everyone knows about its central location and the joining of the Parc Clematis. It is located near the clement MRT station, one of the significant benefits for all people.

This is one of the biggest flop projected two times they are of the year 2007 and 2011. The complete ownership is on the hands of the Jiayi wealth company and the Singhaiyi groups. They share the wealth that clematis project yields. The companies have a share of 841 million dollars, and the other expenses of the lease and the upgrading amount per square feet are on the line of the sale.

History of park west:

Singapore real estate’s famous company is the SingHaiyi private ltd, and it is run by the famous couples called

  • Gordon Tang and
  • Celine Tang

Parc clematis is located on the west condo, and it is very near to the

  • New R&D park
  • CBD at Jurong lake

After the failure, they expect to sell after years because the population and the economic growth of Singapore are the primary reasons. Another significant benefit that does the project to a reasonable level is that it has an excellent transportation facility, and the metro station is very near this. This makes this parc clematis site a high-speed selling projects.

The pleasant atmosphere and the famous education centers and the universities are another pluses to this project. Another big hype is the Canopy and the thrilling, which automatically set good traffic to the developed projects.

This becomes more valuable, and the acquisition of the land by SingHaiyi becomes an opportunity to set a good project with the beautiful residential areas. As per that, they had constructed very many compact and abbreviated buildings in this area. So any kind of person can buy their unit in this parc clematis.

Initially, it was developed for the ease project of 63 years, but as the failure make them extend the lease years into 99 years. This term becomes more catch among people so that they showed some interest in buying the project.

There is much range of projects in there. It starts from a single bedroom to a bungalow. These are with different square feet for the square feet range. The price of the building is allocated.

This consist of many department units they are of about

  • One-bedroom
  • Two bedrooms, dual key, plus study
  • Three bedrooms, premium, double key, plus study
  • Four bedrooms, premium
  • Five bedrooms, premium
  • Penthouse
  • Corner terrace
  • Terrace
  • Bungalow

By these, only they had the value of the unit. And each is of different size and design. All the models are quite fashionable with some Asian touch to init. Many people are attracted by this model and booked for them.

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