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Daintree Residence Condo

Daintree Residence is the housing area which provides luxurious villas to the peoples. It is situated at the Bukit Timah which is in the central regions of Singapore. It has many houses rowed up and is the best residential agents in Singapore who affords the best quality residences. The houses are well facilitated with all the interior services and the worth is somewhat higher. Bukit Timah is the word that is derived from the Malay word tin hill which means the two hills are located in the eastern part of the Kranji River.  Daintree Residence is the best place for people to invest their earnings as it provides a comfortable and luxurious life. It has many important sites around the residential area. Many industrial buildings and multi-story apartments have been developed here.

Beautifully fixed to accompany your taste

In early times, it was a great industrial region in Singapore. But now it has become the residential spot with many comfy zones. The houses are well built with neat and clean environment and park areas are also available. Garden is a beautiful spot where you can relax with your family. Designers had done a great job in making this zone. They had concentrated to make the people happier once they see it. It has been designed with all the necessities such as schools, hospitals, offices, malls, and more. Schools in these places are famous for their educational aspects all over Singapore. This will be a positive thing for the peoples residing here. It will make them easy access to schools within time. From primary schools to international schools, colleges are available here. This residence has given the people the best shopping options too. And these types of luxurious houses were satisfied with the people who love shopping. The shopping mall located here is a larger building with, multiple stories where you can get whatever you need.

Celebrate in the ease of smart living. This residential area is located very to transportation stops where people can have easy transportation access. These peoples are not the ones who need to search for the malls and restaurants for a refreshing, as all these facilities are available within their residential districts. The government provides many plans for the people who live in this residential zone. They will be offered with many things. This area was developed with all the services that people need. They will be offered with all types of restaurants and even nightlife culture is practised around these areas. There are many industries available over these places as the person form this place can have job opportunities over there. Many road maintenances and lots of new projects will be developed day by day as this becomes the major residential area. In point of health issues, many health care facilities are available within a few kilometres. Natural reserves are located at the particular corner of this area which will be the greenery area where many wild plants and animals used to live. Park is located nearby your home where you can do exercises and joggings. You can use it as a mini picnic spot to enjoy with your family.

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