Perfect Choice of Business in dubai silicon oasis free zone

dubai silicon oasis free zone

Don’t look for a nice office and a representative car. You work from home and you can also travel with an old brig or public transport. That office will come later, that Audi too. By the way: if people know that you have just started a business and you come up with a luxury BMW, some eyebrows are raised. So an expensive car is not that representative of a starting entrepreneur. You must put on the jacket that fits, not a size larger. Also, see what you can borrow or exchange. That is often more convenient and cheaper than buying. Sometimes you can get a chair for free and you can print for a small fee at a fellow entrepreneur. There is probably someone in your area who wants to fix that for you. At the dubai silicon oasis free zone this is important.

Stay on your own for as long as possible.

If it is your ambition to grow, ie to hire staff, postpone the latter as long as possible. Often you can outsource well, or do odd jobs with others. In the early days, employees are hands ties. In one fell swoop, you are less flexible and have a concern. Of course, hiring someone temporarily or outsourcing work is on balance often more expensive, but the advantage is that you can quit without any problems. And if you let someone work for you as a freelance, don’t you earn it? Make sure that your business partners are better than you, that they add something valuable.

If you have little money and still want to grow, you will have to work harder. It is harder than your competitors, for example, and saves so little money for your private life. No, that’s not nice but you were optimally motivated? Well then. Remember that not money, but time is your strength. Spend that time generously and effectively, it gives you a head start on entrepreneurs who are always ‘busy, busy, busy’.

Go to the bank if you have some money in your account.

Inquire about the possibilities of a credit. Why? It can sometimes be useful to have credit space. But it is never handy to go to the bank when you are in need and cannot go anywhere. If you already get something, you will pay for the main prize. In other words: buy an umbrella when it is dry, not when you are already soaked. You do not get such credit easily banks do not like self-employed people who want to start step by step. They don’t earn anything from that. Anyway, what do you care, such a play on your current account is simply necessary. Well, at least handy.

And then adjust your business plan.

Check your own motivation. Talk to your housemates. Review the early days with friends. Is that what you wanted? Well, and then change your business plan so that it becomes a motivational piece for the coming year again. You are ready to start for yourself and want to start your own business. This is a big step for many novice entrepreneurs because it is not just done. There are a number of things to keep in mind when starting a business.

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