Greater Limits for the Perfect Kindle Paperwhite Choice

kindle vs kindle paperwhite

Among the most popular ebook readers currently on the market we find the sophisticated Kindle Paperwhite and the most basic Kindle. Considering also the wide price difference that exists between these two models, many are undecided about which to buy and ask: will it be necessary, in light of our needs, to invest a larger amount in the Paperwhite, or will the Kindle be sufficient? With the kindle vs kindle paperwhite this is important now.

Make a Note

Please note that these are actually two valid devices for electronic books that differ mainly in terms of certain characteristics concerning readability and the possibilities of connection offered, and in this page we will try to highlight the differences between the two models.

  • The Paperwhite is a backlit ebook reader with a high resolution screen, which offers two connection modes to download new books (it has free WiFi + 3G). The Kindle, on the other hand, is a simpler tool, ideal for those who want to spend a reduced amount to have a model without lighting and with a lower resolution but not for this poor.

We recommend the Kindle Paperwhite to reading enthusiasts who want a tool to be used in any place, moment and condition of light , while we believe that the Kindle is more suitable for those who do not want an ebook reader to be used in the dark and does not need to download titles away from home .


Comparing the readability of the Kindle Paperwhite screen and that of the Kindle, it is the first that definitely comes out the winner from the comparison. Also due to its more advanced technology, backlighting and an excellent 300 ppi screen resolution, this ebook reader offers a much higher quality, placing itself even for this in a higher price range.

The Kindle, on the other hand, is a more essential reader: be prepared to give up the backlight and be satisfied with a resolution of 167 ppi. Know that readability is one of the factors that make the actual difference between the Paperwhite and the Kindle , and in light of what we have seen in this comparison the large price difference between the two models begins to be understandable.

Supported formats

Both the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle support TXT, PDF AND AZW (Amazon’s proprietary format) but exclude the ePub, which is considered the standard format for electronic publications. If, for some, the impossibility of using ebooks purchased from stores other than Amazon is seen as a limitation, for many others, instead, it is not a problem since the online store contains a huge amount of titles to choose from (let’s talk about about 3 million! ), many of which can be downloaded for free. In general, therefore, keep in mind that all the Kindle are characterized by the same type of compatibility which is, in fact, one of the few elements that unites the entire range, from the cheapest models to the latest innovations.

For this the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite get the same vote in the factor that evaluates the formats supported by the ebook reader.


The connection possibilities offered by the Kindle Paperwhite are greater than those allowed by the Kindle, which is why this factor sees the first ebook reader win the comparison.

Both provide a WiFi connection and, therefore, allow you to download books in less than a minute using a “fixed” network (be it home or free, such as, for example, sometimes found in a bar, library or in some stations).

The Kindle Paperwhite, however, adds a second possibility: in fact, the model with free Wifi + 3G connectivity is available, this means that, without having to make subscriptions or contracts with an internet connection manager, it is possible to connect at any time and place and download a book by choosing it from Amazon’s extensive library.

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