The Right Roads to the best Energy Supply

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Prerequisite for well-being is the daily safe and uninterrupted supply of heat and electricity. The central importance of energy is emphasized in our country, where the heating of buildings, energy-intensive industry and long distances require a lot of energy. With the Power to Choose the right energy provider you can be sure of the best results.

Organizers for Heating Service

Municipalities are key providers and organizers of district heating services. Municipalities are significant players in combined heat and power production. As a new service, district cooling is also making its way into major cities. The municipalities are also involved in electricity distribution, electricity trading and natural gas distribution.

In practice, energy production and distribution services are operated on a commercial basis as a company. The ownership of the function is then handled by the municipal board of directors and at general meetings.

In addition to energy prices, the fuel choices and methods of production have a significant impact on climate change, local air quality and energy self-sufficiency. The choices also have indirect effects on the vitality and employment of the municipalities.

The electricity market

The electricity and gas market legislation regulates the reasonableness of pricing and security of supply for local electricity distribution, which is a natural monopoly. The electricity market is within this country and the consumer has the opportunity to switch his electricity supplier. With its separate network, district heating has in principle a monopoly in urban centers and agglomerations. However, district heating competes with other building-specific heating methods.

The production of energy and the organization of distribution are an integral part of municipal urban planning and transport planning. The Association assists municipalities on various issues related to energy production, ownership policy of energy companies and use of energy.

Before starting to compare electricity offers, it must be considered that not all rates are available for each category of contract. Those who must activate a supply for the first time cannot choose certain exclusive offers for those who wish to change their supplier. Likewise, some highly publicized TV offers are only available for new activations. If you already have a light contract in your home, avoid wasting time analyzing offers that are not for you, by clicking on the Change supplier filter in our comparator.

Offers Light Change Supplier

Finally, the Takeover category includes the light tariffs that accept the change of holder or take over an existing light contract, a classic example for the rental of a house.

Know the annual consumption in kWh

The key parameter for choosing the most suitable electricity supply is the annual consumption in kWh. Some light tariffs on the free market are convenient for families with high energy consumption but at a premium for those who use little electricity, and vice versa.

Your annual consumption is usually reported in the electricity bills. But it can also be calculated simply by using the filters on our comparator. There are two categories of filters that together report the annual consumption in kWh: the number of people who live in the house, and the appliances in the house electric oven, washing machine, dishwasher, electric water heater, refrigerator, air conditioner.

Click on the image of the household appliances you have, and select the number of people that make up your household. In doing so, you will be shown your annual consumption in kWh, and the light rates will update as you adapt to your consumption.

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