Do you want to know about angel numbers?

Many people are allergic to numbers because they hate mathematics. Do you hear about Numerology? Numerology peoples are predicting our life and life progress by numbers. In our country, there are many astrologers in every street. Do you know what the reason is?  In our country, there are many gods in every street. Hindus like us, they are believed in astrology and numerology. Numerology calculates for one person by his date of birth number. By your birth number, they calculate how your life could be? Then, what about western cultures or western countries? If you want to know about angel numbers, then you will browse at . They hardly believe in angel numbers. We are the most developed species in the universe according to our knowledge. But the universe is beyond the knowledge. Only God knows how many species like us in-universe? It’s not our topic. Ok, let’s back to the topic. What are the angel numbers? Angel number is nothing but it is a medium that connects you and angels. Everyone knows that apart from God, angels are our guardians and our protector. According to belief, we are surrounded by angels and demons. Hey, it’s not a Tom hanks movie title. It is our belief. Not only by me had even the world’s greatest persons also spoken about magic about numbers.

What is the great thing with numbers?

Numbers are a great thing in the world. Even Greek great mathematician Pythagoras spoke about numbers too. He states that numbers are everywhere in the universe, without numbers there is no world. That means there is no world without numbers. Not only Pythagoras even the world’s greatest scientist Nicholas Tesla spoke about numbers too. He states that three, six, nine these are the numbers ruling the universe. And he specifically states about number three. He believed that number three is the key to understanding the universe. Numbers are an even greater thing but we have less understanding with numbers. And angel numbers are even special.

What is the meaning of the angel numbers?

Everyone knows that there are n numbers in the world and there is n number of series in the world. We have to understand the meaning of the series is very important. There are some understandable meanings of the series and there are,

  • Meaning of one number series like 1, 11, 111, 1111….: it tells that you are focus less. I mean you have to improve your concentration.
  • Meaning of two number series like 2, 22, 222, 2222…: it tells that you are on the right track. Continue your work.
  • Meaning of three number series like 3, 33, 333, 3333…: it tells that you are surrounded by some spiritual energy.
  • Meaning of four number series like 4, 44, 444, 4444…: it tells that you are guided by angels.
  • Meaning of five number series like 5, 55, 555, 5555….: it tells that you are in a neutral stage. Whatever should be happened that is positive or negative.
  • Six series are demons and seven series are divine ones.

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