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israeli necklaces

The jewels, they bring incontestably the small plus to any outfit. Some women wear a lot at a time and match with each outfit, others wear very little, always the same. The use of the israeli necklaces happens to be there now.

In the office, it is better to avoid noisy or arduous jewels, for example, the bracelet that hits the table when you use your keyboard or the big ring that hurts when you shake hands with someone. That said, the good gem associated with good performance says a lot about you and your character, allowing you to mark your originality or to suggest your tastes in a universe more or less coded from the point of view of the dress.

What jewelry to wear at the office, and on what occasion? Follow the guide

For my part, we buy and we wear little jewelry because we want each piece has a special meaning to me, is relatively unique and good quality. We must have a crush. To illustrate this article, we chose to open my little jewelry drawer. You will notice that we wear a lot of necklaces because it is the type of jewelry that suits me best and that we find most practical in my daily office. Some women prefer earrings, rings or bracelets. For the choice, the principles are the same.

Classic jewels

Timeless, simple, timeless and discreet, you can wear them with all your office outfits. If you do not find in your collection the jewel that will go particularly well with an outfit, you can always wear this classic jewelry in back-up. They are perfect for occasions when you need to make a good impression but do not draw all the attention to you, show your ability to adhere to certain codes, not distract your audience. For example:

  • you have a job interview (except for a creative job)
  • you accompany your chef to a client appointment
  • you have important meetings internally
  • you must wear a uniform or an imposed outfit, for example on a trade show
  • you speak at a conference
  • you’re doing a webinar

Some brands are specialized in this type of jewelry, for example Calvin Klein or Fossil. Their timeless and simple style, without fuss, is perfect for the office. Simple pearls are also perfectly suited to this type of situation.

Shopping Addresses: the Calvin Klein web site for minimalist jewelry and watches in steel, for pearls the best thing is to get them (wedding, birthday) or to borrow the pearls from your mother ???? If not you find them of all sizes and for all purses in any jewelry chain.

Statement jewelry

These jewels are my favorite. We think they can be carried to the office, but you have to choose your day, and be aware of the message that is sometimes passed, sometimes in spite of yourself. These jewels best reflect the personality of the wearer. In certain professional situations, they can represent a real asset. These are all situations in which the focus is on you as a person, or even on your personal opinions. All situations in which you want your audience to remember you.

Choose a jewel “statement” if:

You are going to a networking event (but you do not speak on behalf of your employer at a conference)

You have a job interview for a creative job, where your personality plays a big role

  • you participate in a brainstorming between colleagues on a project in progress
  • you present the new project that you lead to the members of the team
  • It’s Friday, you do not have an appointment and just want to be a little more yourself at work.
  • Difficult here to recommend a particular brand. These jewels are really the favorite, the tastes and personality of each.

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