The perfect rugs for an attic: Your Choices

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The attic is a very special living space. In fact, the walls of the attic are only partly exploitable because they are occupied by the slope of the roof. Thus the rooms of an attic are not all the same height, but in some parts of the house, the ceiling will be lower and inclined. This peculiarity of the attic makes its atmosphere characteristic, but it can penalize it in its brightness.

The rugs to an attic can help give more light to space. For the more limited sizes, it is advisable to prefer light-coloured plain rug sale , which reflects light and are in harmony with decor with equally soft shades. In the fortunate case of a large open space attic where light is not desired, you can dare bright and vivid colours.

Kitchen Rugs

Even in the room dedicated to the preparation of the dishes, it is possible to insert fabrics that make the floor warmer and softer. The kitchen rugs are perfect when you have a separate space from the rest of the house, where you work with goodies to offer to the whole family. Often they are narrow and long to adapt to the shape of the room and run alongside the kitchen. It is important to place a rug in front of the sink because it protects the floor from splashes of water or grease. The kitchen rugs must be easily washable: the synthetic ones or plastic or bamboo are good.

The rugs for the bathroom

Bathroom rugs do not only have an ornamental function. They are also practical, useful for specific needs. In fact, they absorb the inevitable splashes of water on the floor near the sink, the bathtub and the shower. Furthermore, bathroom rugs must be non-slip to prevent bad slips.

How to choose a Persian rug

There are precious objects, recognized by all as such. They are objects that give lustre to the home that keeps them for their intrinsic value, which goes beyond the economic one. The Persian rugs fall into this privileged class. They represent elegance, tradition, history and craftsmanship meticulously cared for.

How to choose a Persian rug suitable for your living room?

The art behind the creation of Persian rugs is not simple. Knowing it well to distinguish between the different Persian rugs, among the numerous types in which they stand out, is not easy. It takes time and effort. However, there are some fundamental characteristics of large and small Persian rugs that can be recognized even with a minimum smearing.

A first aspect to take into consideration when deciding to buy a Persian rug is knotting. The Persian rugs are made up of hundreds of thousands of knots, the big ones like those of smaller dimensions. The closer the knots are, the greater the value of the rug. In Persian rugs, two types of knots can be distinguished: the Turkish knot and the Persian knot. The study of styles allows us to recognize Persian rugs made in the city from those woven by tribes. Generally, tribal rugs are used by clan members and are sold only in case of economic difficulties.

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