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With its 3 billion views every day, YouTube has gradually changed. Far from the time when the site was only a video platform, the site is today a real search engine the 2nd in the world and even resembles a social network. Indeed, the site has a very active user community which plays an essential role in the virtualization of videos. Want your video to stand out? Here is some buy youtube hours|4000 hours youtube buy|buy youtube watch hour|watch time} tips to follow.

Choose the Right Keywords

As we said in the introduction, YouTube is now a full-fledged search engine and therefore the same techniques should be used for natural referencing in traditional search engines. So, you need to do some research in order to find the best keywords that match your video. To do this, find the niche keywords in which there is much less competition.

Optimizing Titles and Descriptions For Seo

The title: place the keyword at the beginning and at the end of the title. If we take the example of an SEO video, this could for example be: “Optimizing your SEO: all the techniques to optimize your SEO on the web “.

Description: the description of your video is very important this is what the user sees first. Avoid simply compiling keywords and enhance your video with a real description that can appeal to users.

Tags: we recommend that you do not exceed ten tags per video.

Identify People Who May Share the Videos

In the race to virtualize your video, bloggers will be your best allies. To identify these bloggers, there is a simple technique. Search YouTube using the same keywords as yours. Copy the links and do a Google search. You will find the sites where they were shared. These sites are therefore likely to be interested in your video. All you have to do is reference them all.

Take Care of the Quality of Your Videos and Your Channel

Many people tend to want to create a buzz on a video. However, even if this can yield a lot of views in the very short term, it is not a viable long-term strategy. You have to think of a real global strategy for your channel. It is the same principle as for any content on the Internet to interested Internet users the first thing to do is to offer them quality content. In addition, with a global strategy and good community management, many more Internet users will be likely to subscribe to your channel.

Participate In the Community

If you want people to watch and comment on your video, do the same with other videos. Participate in the community by commenting on other videos preferably in relation to yours with constructive remarks making users want to know more about you. Show your expertise. Find users who match your target and subscribe to their channel. In general, they will do the same in return.

Take Care of the Appearance of the Video

The thumbnail: you have the choice between several thumbnails in English for the preview of your video. Choose it right. It must be representative of your video and appeal to the Internet user.

The title: in addition to optimizing it for the search engines, your title must be representative of the content but above all appetizing. Be careful not to choose an overly enticing title either. Even if you will have a lot more views, it will not be quality traffic and you risk having a big imbalance in terms of the famous green thumbs of YouTube if internet users feel cheated.

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