The terrarium garden: miniature of marine life in your house

Terrarium Workshop Singapore

The terrarium garden is also known as the glass garden, Wardian case, or the vivarium. It is like a container with all the sides either made up of glass or plastic. Usually, the terrarium is made up of a transparent surface. It is used to keep plants or terrestrial animals. It is used to decorate your house, or for the people who love to have a small garden or a miniature marine life in their house.

The terrarium can also be kept for any scientific observation or to show animal and plant propagation. Here is the guide about the Terrarium workshop and the mini garden.

Terrarium having an environment like earth

A Terrarium Workshop Singapore is known for its own climate and environment like earth, it can also be called mini earth. In the terrarium containers, there is a small container with a lid or a small opening on the top. The structure of the terrarium is like a greenhouse. The sunlight enters through the opening and warms the whole environment inside, including soil, air, and plants, similar to the atmosphere warming the whole earth’s surface. The given glass in the containers holds the warmth of the atmosphere inside the glass container for the living beings inside.

Various layers of the terrarium

There are several layers of soil in the plants, whenever you seed any of the terrarium plants. Here are the various layers of the terrarium.

  • Drainage layer – The main function of the drainage layer is to drain and store the extra moisture of the environment. It decreases the false effect of the growing plant in the terrarium container without any drainage holes present in it.
  • Moss layer – This layer acts as a boundary between the drainage layer and the Il. It also stores all the additional moisture.
  • Charcoal layer – Charcoal is used to absorb impurities. In the terrarium plants, the toxins that may affect your health are absorbed by the charcoal layer. It also helps to avoid odors in the terrarium.
  • Soil layer – The soil layer is the most important layer for your plant, as it acts as the base for the roots. You should choose the soil that is good for the health of your plant.
  • Decorative soil layer – You can also add more layers above the soil for the purpose of decoration. This layer is optional and based on your choice, you can decorate it with sand, stones, or shells between the soil. This adds colors and beauty to your terrarium.
  • Plant layers – This layer consists of various plants that you plant selectively in your terrarium house. The plants that you choose depend on the terrarium type that you have chosen. The plants are decided based on open or closed terrarium containers.
  • Ornamental layer – The ornamental layer is the layer that adds beauty and decoration to your terrarium. You can choose accessories to decorate your terrarium.


In this article, you will get to know about the various layers of the terrarium. You will get to know about all the layers that are necessary for your terrarium.

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