Introduction about Peter Comisar

Peter Comisar

Nowadays the news about Peter Comisar is a fresh and current topic that is flashing on every news. But very few people know who he is and what he does. Before knowing the complete news, let’s know about this person and why he is alleged of fraud.

He is the founding partner of story5 and along with this, he is also an advisor and he is the chief executive officer of his own company. His college was completed at Colgate University and graduated from there in 1989. After completing college and earning his bachelor’s degree he joined Goldman Sachs and then after some time he got promoted and got a nice position over there.

Talking about his personal life he was earning really well, in life and his education was also quite well. He is married and used to post pictures with his wife randomly on social media. But after the petition filed against him, and now he is not available on any social media platform. This man is 59 years old, but this is not his confirmed age; this might be wrong.

The manager of the famous singer of Hollywood Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun has sued Former Goldman Sachs Business Partner Peter Comisar for alleged fraud. However, at first, they both used to work together, and due to tension created in both of which is mostly due to financial problems. At first, both of them were not open to the media but as the matter heated more, scooter Braun sued Peter.

Braun and Comisar both first were working as mediocre employees in the entertainment industry, but as time passed both secured a good position there. Braun is the manager of Justin Bieber and Comisar was vice president of the company.

When the complete complaint was done from the side of  Braun then he said that in 2016 they decided to expand their empire and do something big. Also, in the context of this Braun said that when SCOPE was started then Comisar demanded $5 million and his salary and he was given the salary.

The public is waiting for this judgement because both the people have put allegations on each other and no one knows who is telling lies and who is telling the truth. Whatever has happened between these two SCOPE is paying for it and needs a proper investigation because the fraud took place in the company and it needs to be solved.

Braun and Comisar, both are blaming each other and saying different things about each other that no one knew. As well as Braun posted on his social media handle addressing Comisar. This is a kind of war between these two in which one is going to be proved right and the second is wrong.

Braun alleged Comisar that he took the money $250 million for his own private fund and cheated with SCOPE. If this turns out to be true then Comisar may have to pay a very costly price for this. Whereas if the allegations of Braun came out to be false then he may also have to get punishment for this.

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