How to repair flash drives and recover all data easily?

repair flash drive

At present world, most of the people face a common issue like flash drive corruption. Many would feel so hard to deal with a corrupted USB drive or SD card in order to recover all data stored in it. Recovering data from a corrupted USB drive or SD card takes several hours even then some would end up with no data. For all these problems you need to search for a way to repair flash drive when it comes to SD card people can insert into the slot using an external card reader and recover all data. But when it comes to USB drive people do not need any external reader to repair them; rather, they can be done in simple ways via an online tool.

Various methods to repair flash drive:

In order to repair the flash drive, there several easy ways available which are listed below such as.

  • Change drive letter
  • Using another PC
  • Using another Port
  • Re-install driver

Change driver letter: This is one of the easiest ways of repairing flash drive here you can repair flash drive by changing the drive letter in the system. How to do that steps are listed below.

  • Connect the corrupted USB flash drive to the port of laptop or computer.
  • Do right click on my computer and click on manage, select disk management option in the left side of the window which loads virtual disc service.
  • Once the virtual disc service is opened, you can able to see storage where you can see change drive letter and paths.
  • Click on change, select the desired drive letter path and click ok

Using another computer: When the flash drives are corrupted, it may be due to computer specification too. So people can try to use the flash drives in other computer it may repair quickly which helps you to retrieve all data.

Using another USB port: This method sounds to be funny, but it would help a lot while you are repairing your corrupted USB and also you can try of using the different USB port and check if the device is getting started or not.

Reinstall the driver: as the last people can reinstall the drive in order to do that here are steps are given below.

  • Do right click on my computer select manage option.
  • Once the window tab and you can able to see the device manager option.
  • Make a double click on disk drives, and you can see your pen drive name make right click you can see option uninstall, select that and click ok.
  • Remove the pen drive and restart your computer and then connect the drive you can able to see that your pen drive has detected in your system.

By following all the above method, you can easily repair flash drive quick and faster without having any extra accessible tool. Moreover, in this method, people can ensure to recover data without any data loss. While using SD card or micro SD card, then the process may get differ based on the model.


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