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There are many methods for applying images to hoodies. The most common silk screen printing method is there. The use of the t-shirts bedrucken is there also.

Silk screen printing

The most popular method of applying images to hoodies is there. First, a set of stencils (matrices) is made and then paint is applied through a stencil directly onto the fabric of a sweatshirt layer by layer, color by color.

The Right Choice

We often encounter the work of silk-screen printers, so we will give some tips from practice. The method is really cheap for runs of 200 pieces. The price of a print at a price may be around 80 rubles. However, note that almost always there is an item in the price lists of silk-screen printers (or they will be announced to you later): printing on sweatshirts + 30-50% of the above cost (this is due to the thick canvas and uneven fleecy surface on which paint does not fit well) . Also, you can’t immediately see that the manufacture of stencils (matrices) costs separate money, for example, 300-500 rubles. for every color.

  • To print on sweatshirts using the silk screen printing method, you need to have the appropriate experience, because the material (footer) from which the sweatshirts are sewn is dense, fleecy and also elastic and stretches during the printing process. Not every printer can fulfill your order efficiently . Particular problems arise when printing images with several colors: after applying one layer of wet paint and drying before applying the next color, the material sits a little, which can cause difficulties when combining colors.

Do you want to keep your clothes beautiful for as long as possible after printing?

Then take the following tips and specifics into account:

  • Clothing printing tips before purchasing your clothing with a print.
  • Please note that the washing instructions for your clothing / textiles may differ from those for printing.
  • Consult with our employees to see if the combination of the garment fits the printing technique that you want. For example, sublimation does not apply to cotton.
  • Take into account a certain delivery time. Express deliveries are possible at an additional cost, but these costs can be better prevented and put into quality.
  • Consider and discuss your choice well in advance. Cheap can sometimes be expensive or have an impact on your image.
  • What is the purpose and how long do you want something to last? A print and fabric selection at an event will be different than at a company. The budget also plays a role.

Are the items of clothing washed collectively or individually and what are the possible consequences?

Due to hygiene or standardization requirements, the clothing may need to be washed hot. Take this into account when making your choice.

Clothing printing tips for after printing on your clothing

  • Do not wash clothing that is not sublimated or embroidered for the first 10 days. The printing then has time to attach well
  • In those cases, wash the clothing as cold as possible for the first time, preferably cold
  • Wash dirty or clothing that has been heavily perspired as quickly as possible
  • Washing inside out protects clothing and printing
  • Definitely not spin the first time, hereafter as short as possible, preferably not
  • Consult carefully whether it can be chemically cleaned
  • Do not only pay attention to the washing instructions of the garment
  • Use a good detergent with as little bleach as possible
  • Do not wash too hot. Preferably do not use a tumble dryer. That can not only be disastrous for your clothes, but certainly also for the prints
  • For screen printing and other techniques where the printing is as it were on the clothing, you must iron the clothing inside out and do not set the iron too hot

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