Your Perfect Options for Locational Advantages in real Estate

Attracting community owners because the process proceeds quickly100% of residents do not need to participate to be successful. There are no limitations on resale price funds that can be easily obtained. In you can find the perfect solutions.


A larger investment is required by residents than other methods. It requires a high level of involvement, responsibility, and organization by which residents are participating.

Mutual Benefit Corporations are mainly located on the West Coast and in Florida. There are many reasons:

  • Lender communities are receptive to this method, lack of Technical Assistance Providers for home communities manufactured suffer limits of availability of other methods. Interest by groups of residents in this method is higher due to the lack of restrictions on the resale of houses.
  • The financial and life history of residents often causes groups to see this purchase method as an attractive alternative,
  • State law allows and encourages ownership in Corporate,
  • Sources of subsidized funds for other purchase methods are limited or not exist.

Each lot is sold to the individual resident who occupies that specific lot. Normally an interest in a common area is sold with the lot. There are typically three ways in which one subdivision of a Community of Manufactured Houses which already exists may occur:

The community owner subdivides the community and sells the individual lots to homeowners, Homeowners, as a group, pose to the owner a proposal of subdividing and buy the community, or, an intermediary (such as a private company or local government) buys the community in coordination with the group of residents and then subdivide the community with sales to individual members.


Community residents continue to own their homes, Community residents own their land (or rights to ‘condo air space’)under their houses, all residents participating together are the owners of the common areas of the community and infrastructure, usually through an association of homeownersHouse.


Some residents considered this purchase method as attractive because it is”Fulfill the American Dream” of owning a home. Owners of individual lots have limited involvement with their neighbors and do not worry if their neighbor has financial (economic) difficulties and concern. Limited if the community has problems although the owners association has a Board of Directors to manage the common areas and infrastructure, said Council has limited control over the owner’s lot, and the conduct within the subdivision is governed by its Clauses, documented when the subdivision is formed.


Individual residents must be able to pay to buy (or to finance, if appropriate) your lot, based on your personal credit and income. It can be difficult to raise funds for the purchase of the lot. Lenders interested in the financing may require that the house be placed in a permanent foundation.

Lots in a subdivision may be subject to higher property taxes. Local municipalities which have jurisdiction over the subdivision may require improvements for water, sewer, streets and stormwater systems, resulting in individual valuations in each lot to pay for those improvements.

The current completion of the subdivision process may take a while considerable (sometimes years before the final lot is sold) as soon as each resident tries to qualify for the purchase of your lot. Some residents feel forced to move out of the community because they can not pay for the purchase of your lot and the house/lot itself is in demand of new residents possible.

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