Why and how to use clay internally?

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As a 3-week course of clay water or kaolin in spring or fall: drink each morning on an empty stomach a glass of clay water that you have prepared the day before going to bed. In a glass of water, pour a teaspoon of powdered clay. Let sit overnight, and then drink in the morning. Drink only water, without stirring the clay. Then, on the following days, mix the clay and the water and gradually drink the mixture called clay milk. You will be helped by the clay making singapore process as well.

  • In case of diarrhoea: drink 2 to 3 glasses/day until your transit is back to normal.
  • For sore throats: gargle with clay water 3 times a day, or let a little clay melt on the tongue.
  • In oral care: White clay is one of the ingredients of natural toothpaste because it is cleansing and remineralizing, and has an alkalinizing action. You can simply sprinkle superfine white clay on your toothbrush. However, be careful with its abrasive power.

Be careful before using clay internally.

Always ask your doctor for advice. Be careful if you are taking medication, the adsorption capacity of clay can neutralize its active ingredients. Internal clay is also strongly discouraged in cases of constipation, intestinal obstruction, hernia, hypertension, chemotherapy, etc. as well as pregnant women and children under 36 months.


Clay paste, clay plus water applied to infected pimples, scratches, cuts, erythema, eczema, and bites helps cleanse and heal irritated areas. As a poultice, it relieves joint and muscle pain, aches, skin irritations, sunburns, small burns, light injuries, rheumatism.

It is used as a mask for the skin and the hair and also regulates excess sebum in combination to oily skin. It helps to fight against premature ageing of the skin, to reduce rosacea, acne, and wrinkles. Clay is also effective in absorbing impurities and smelly substances. It is also perfect for sanitizing and deodorizing laundry, objects, refrigerator, and shoe cabinets.

What colour of the clay for what care?

There are different colours of clay:

White clay or kaolin:

It is the friend of dry and fragile skin and dry and devitalized hair. It indeed exerts a micro-exfoliation of the skin with great gentleness. It also promotes the elimination of toxins. It is the anti-grey mine clay that will give shine to your face. It is so gentle that it can even be used as talcum powder for babies’ diaper rashes.

Green clay:

It is probably best known for removing impurities and absorbing excess sebum. The oily and combination skin appreciate its cleansing properties, absorbent, balancing, healing and matting. Rich in magnesium, silica, aluminium and lime, it is the most active of all. It helps to fight effectively against imperfections and to dry out unsightly pimples.

Red clay:

It is ideal for normal skin, dry, sensitive and mature skin. It owes its colour to the iron oxides it contains. Re-balancing, it restores luminosity to the skin. Also invigorating and purifying, and softens the epidermis by refining the skin texture, wrinkles appear to be reduced.

Yellow clay:

It is intended for normal skin and oily and sensitive skin, or as a hair mask for normal or weakened hair. It is stimulating, invigorating and allows oxygenating the cells, by absorbing impurities. Yellow clay owes its colour to its high concentration of ions and ferric oxides.

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