Which is better, silicone or acrylic?

Roof Coating

The coating for a silicone roofing is thicker in the single coat application and there isn’t the need to go in for more than one coat of application. Since its sticky in nature, to achieve evenness in the spreading of the coating on the roof, there may be the necessity to go in for a roof coating.The application is difficult and hence requires a lot of hard work and craftsmanshipand the labor cost also escalates in this case. Spraying the material onto the roofing will require heavy duty machinery which increases the cost again. The silicone coating has to have mineral spirits to clean up which is toxic in nature than the acrylic clean-up which can be done with water. Whereas the silicon buckets have to carefully open around moisture as it makes the stuff solidify and is a waste if it happens, whereas acrylic sealant can be stored inthe bucket for future use years later. Make use of good Roof Coating .

How coating is done

When you are seeking the opinion on which of the sealants is environment-friendly, definitely acrylics are hands down the first choice, because silicones are made of a chemical solvent, whereasacrylics are water-based. The volatile organic compound is much lesser compared to the silicone as well as odor. A large amount of ponding water doesn’t make a difference to the resin like a coating of the silicone, but the acrylic coating just gives in to this kind of environment.Hence a proper choice has to be made by the roofers and the owners in choosing the right coating for their building.

If necessity you could use a combo of both acrylic and silicon membrane-embedded to give better protection to the roofing. Though acrylics have more pros than the silicon coating, it depends on the weather and the kind of roofing you have. Before you the roofer decide on the coating, the condition of the roof has to be evaluated whether the structure of theis going to hold up after the coating or continue to face problems. The issues can range from

  • Rotted wood sheeting
  • Rusted metal flashing
  • missing tiles
  • Missing nails on tiles
  • Active leaks

All these problems amount to a structural problem which has to be rectified before a coating can take place, with the existing problems the coating wouldn’t do any good. The repair of the above would mean extra cost, but it has to be undertaken as the total structure will then live up to the coating that you will do on it. It has to be known to the owner of the building that only coating will not resolve all the issues, as the internal roofing will also have issues and if there are open seams in the tiles that have to be filled up prior to the coating work that would be undertaken. The open seams have to be either grouted or caulked because the coating will not be a feasible solution. Then the coating will give that seamless finish that you will get as an end result. This requires a lot of work as seams of every tile has to fill and eventually coated. But to get a better result, it is required.

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