What Options You Should Have for the Valves

dai ly van cong nghiep

For consumers, the three-way valves from the manufacturer are known for their quality. It is necessary to get them in the presence of a buyer from the same company. Greater accuracy of the adjustment is achieved by installing the instrument. It works fully automatically. Greater choices for the dai ly van cong nghiep are there also.

Valves, jointly manufactured by specialists from Italy and Russia, differ in good quality and affordable costs. It is effective in the work of Honeywell products. These valves are simple in design and easy to install.

Characteristics of the product installation

There are many nuances during the installation of three-way cranes. Uninterrupted operation of the heating system depends on the accounting. The manufacturer attaches an instruction to each valve, compliance with which makes it possible to avoid many problems afterward.

General installation guidelines

The most important thing is to first install the valve in the correct position, guided by tips, indicated by arrows on the housing. Indicators indicate the trajectory of the water flow. The symbol A indicates the forward stroke, B is the direction perpendicular or bypass, AB is the combined input or output.

Based on the direction, there are two valve models:

  • With symmetrical or T-shaped scheme,
  • With asymmetrical or L-shaped.

When mounted on the first of these, the fluid enters the valve through the end openings. It comes from the center after mixing. In the second embodiment, the warm stream comes from the end and the cold comes from the bottom. The exit after mixing of the multi-temperature liquid takes place through the second end.

The second important point when installing the mixer you cannot turn it on or turn it down with a thermostat head. Preparation is required before starting work: they block the water before the installation point. Then check the pipeline for the presence of residues in it that could cause a defect in the valve gasket.

The most important thing is to choose a location for installation so that the valve is accessible. It may be necessary to check or dismantle this in the future. All this requires free space.

Insert mixing valve

When placing a three-way valve of the mixing type in the centralized heating system, there may be several options. The choice of the scheme depends on the nature of the entry of the heating system. If depending on the operating conditions of the boiler, such a phenomenon is acceptable as overheating of the coolant in the return line, an overpressure will certainly occur. In this case, install the jumper and limit the excess pressure. It is installed in parallel with regard to mixing the valve.

The diagram on the photo is a guarantee for quality control of the system parameters. If the three-way valve is connected directly to the boiler, which is usually the case with autonomous heating systems, a disconnection of the balancing valve is necessary.

If we ignore the recommendation about installing the balancing device, there may be significant changes in the flow rate of the working fluid in port AB, depending on the position of the rod. The connection according to the above diagram does not guarantee the absence of circulation of the coolant through the source. To achieve this, it is necessary to connect a hydraulic distributor and a circulation pump to its circuit.

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