What is the difference between energy supplier and distributor?

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There is great confusion around the concepts of supply and distribution of electricity: in this short article, we try to explain what the tasks of both in a simple and clear way are. With the Power to Choose Tx suppliers, you can come up with some of the finest options now.

You are about to choose a new electricity supplier but are you afraid of being without electricity in the event of a failure? Do you have any doubts about who is in charge of taking the readings for your monthly consumption? In Italy there is often a great confusion around the concepts of supply and distribution of electricity: through this short article, we try to simplify things by explaining the difference between the supplier and the electricity distributor.

Who is the electricity distributor?

The distributor is responsible for transporting and delivering electricity to the end customer through the medium and low voltage distribution networks. The distributor is responsible for managing the distribution network and the meters he owns. it also deals with the reading of consumption, which subsequently communicates to the supplier for the calculation of the amount due by the customer. All repairs of faults, energy measurement services and technical operations (such as taking over, increasing or decreasing power, etc.) are the responsibility of the distributor.

What are the distributors in Italy?

The confusion around the distribution and supply activities is mainly due to the fact that, until a few years ago, a clear distinction between the names of the companies that dealt with distribution and those that carried out the supply of light as also of gas. For this reason, the AEEGSI in 2015 intervened with a discipline of unbundling policies in the electricity and gas sector:

To remove any risk of confusion, promoting transparency and competition, the distributor and the sellers integrated with the same corporate group – electricity or gas – will no longer be able to use the same brand, they will have to separate the communication policies and use distinct channels and commercial spaces. the same rules also apply to the integrated seller who operates both in the free market and in the protection sector.

What does it mean? Those companies that deal with both light and gas distribution and sales are obliged to clearly distinguish the distribution brand from that of the electricity supply.

Who is the electricity supplier?

The supplier or sales company deals with the retail sale of energy to the end customer. Buy the energy from the electricity exchange or directly from the producers and manage the commercial and administrative aspects related to the supply of energy (decides the price of the energy material, “sends you the bill at home” etc.).

From 1 July 2007 for electricity, as required by Community legislation, in Italy all customers can freely choose their supplier to entrust them with the management of their users. Therefore, even if you decide to change your electricity supplier, the distributor or the owner of the meter will always remain the same. It is to him that we will have to address, regardless of the manager of our user, for problems concerning the counter itself.

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