Web design mantra: how to turn heads with your gorgeous site

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It seems everyone and his dog has a website today, and it can mean many things. While it’s getting more and more difficult to be ranked in the search engine in the ocean of sites, but on the other hand, it means more business for the web designers. One may think that it’s all about great graphics, but that’s not true. Granted, it’s the aesthetics of a site that catch the attention of the visitors – but if your site is not designed the way search engines love, you’re not going get ranked for your desired keywords. That means you will lose the opportunity to present your visually stunning website to your potential clients. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to learn how to design an effective yet aesthetically appealing site. This is a leading web design site where you can get lots of tips and tricks, and we offer daily classes for budding web designers like you. If you’re new here, browse through all the previous chapters first to learn from scratch. So, without further ado, let’s jump in today’s lesson.

WordPress design lesson: Layout editing continues

Previously, we learned how to edit images, add and edit pages, and create custom menus, and edit headers in WordPress. The way we had the example sites set up at the start of this, as I had the header set over to the left – as you can see, it changes the entire look of the site and in my opinion, makes it look a lot better. But if you want, you can change the header alignment to be on the right, and then the navigation to be on the left, it’s really just up to yourself what you think looks neater. For now, I’m just going to change it back because I like the way the example site looked. Now underneath where it says navigation search, we just want the enable this, and we’ll see the little magnifying glass appear in the top right. And when we click on this, it turns the whole menu into search bars – so people can type what they’re looking for in here, and then hit return on their keyboard. If we have something on the subject on our site, it’ll come up for them – like they could type things like contact, and it will bring up the contact page and stuff like that. Now we’re going to change footer widgets to zero because until you have started adding quite a lot of content to your site, you’re really going to have nothing to fill the footer widgets with. I would just set this to 0, and that’s going to make them completely disappear – then you’ll just have the widgets in the sidebar. We will be covering that soon, but for now, I just set footer widgets to zero and then back. The top button, if we enable this, means that this little pointing arrow appears in the bottom right, and if we scroll to the bottom of a page – we can click this arrow, and it’ll scroll right back to the top. It’s pretty good if you’re going to have quite long pages on your site, but for now, I’m just going to disable it. So that’s done with these layout options here, we can just scroll up to the top and click Save and publish. Then we can click the X in the top left, and we’ll see how our site looks now.

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