Watching movies is a way of distraction from pains


The word Film or movie refers to visual communication in which the makers can use moving images and noises, to tell a story or to convey a message to the audience. People watch movies for entertainment. Some audience considers comedy movies as the real movies, and some other audiences think movies which made them feel or cry as the real movies. Watching the movie has both advantages and disadvantages. ดูหนังออนไลน์  refers to watching movies online.

Movies are made and screened in theatres for several weeks or months and those screened movies will be available as DVD or cassette, and then after a certain period, it will be telecasted on television and will be available in various sites like YouTube also.

Movie making:

The first step in the movie-making is a story, usually, a scriptwriter writes a script, which is known as the main story and he also writes the dialogue for the actors, and the producer of the film get the money for the film and hires the director, actors, cameraman, and other technicians, and arranges all the equipment for the film making. Some producers buy money from the bank or borrow from moneylenders and producers normally work as independent or they work for any production studio.

After making all the arrangements the director starts to direct the film scene by scene and the actors and supporting actors usually memorize the dialogues and act according to the script, when the actor doesn’t know the language, he just acts the scene without speaking and afterward instead of his voice dubbing voice will be given. And the role of the cameraman takes the motion pictures with the camera.


Normally movies are made in different locations based on the script, it may be a city, rural area, or abroad and at such situations producer has to pay for the travel and other accommodations of the cast and crew. After the filming ends, the editor sets all the pictures together in a way which tells conveys the main story or a message within a set of time. The role of the audio engineers is to record the sounds and joint it with the moving pictures. After the editing and other works are done many copies of that film are made and put them into reels and that is sent to the theatres, screened to the audiences.

Some movies lose money but some make more money than the producer’s expectation, it is based on the response given by all the audience, movies made with low budget sometimes receive a positive response are earn more money but sometimes movies made with high budget receive the negative response and lose all the money, it is all the response of the producers.


Producers used to promote the movies by giving ads on television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. And there are some famous actors in the industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Dollywood who have more fans all over the world, their movies get high expectations from its initial announcement, fans go crazy when the films are screened and it doesn’t matter for the fans whether the good or bad storyline so generally films of these actors earn more money than other actors films.

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