Tips to Choose the best Electricity Providers

Electricity Providers

Are you paying attention to your energy consumption? Do you try to apply practical gestures on a daily basis? Then you just have to look at the price per kWh set by the electricity suppliers. This is the last point on which you have influenced since the liberalization of the energy market in 2007. You can go to the Electricity Providers there.

Take the opportunity to get to know all the existing companies, new ones appearing regularly in the energy landscape. Then come the two crucial steps to save money:

Take an interest in the offers of each supplier: take into account your consumption habits and your type of electric meter. These are essential criteria so that the chosen offer best meets your needs. Also ask yourself if you prefer green electricity or not, if you want a variable or fixed energy prices. Many formulas are available to you.

Compare the kWh prices of each company. It is by opting for the cheapest rate that you will be able to reduce your electricity bill. Also, pay attention to the amount of the annual fee determined by each supplier.

Also, note that several elements influence your electricity consumption:

  • The number of household members,
  • Your pace of life and the time spent at home,
  • The surface of your home,
  • The heating mode electricity or gas,
  • The duration of the lease.

All electrical consumption has an impact on your bill and every unnecessary watt should, therefore, be avoided. So, you should know that a 1 Watt consumed for 1 year (24 / 24h) represents an annual cost of around 1 $. Here is a table that shows us the consumption of our computer equipment:

In addition, the choice of economical electrical appliances will save you a lot of money. There is a specialized guide on the subject, so think about it when they renew.

Optimizing refrigeration appliances

Appliances that “produce cold”, i.e. refrigerators and freezers represent 35% of electricity consumption. It is therefore on them that you must focus your efforts as a priority.

The right temperature

The standard is simple. Food must be at a maximum temperature of + 5 ° C at the top of the fridge. For this, the temperature of the fridge must be + 4 ° C in the upper floor, no more, no less. Remember to check this temperature regularly, using a simple thermometer and adjust the thermostat accordingly. For freezers, the recommended temperature is -18 ° C, as for fridges, remember to check it regularly. 1 ° C lower represents a saving of about 5%.

Keep them away from heat sources

The warmer the room, the more the fridge will use to “produce cold”. We must, therefore, avoid putting them as close as possible to a heat source such as an oven, hob, and radiator or behind a bay window facing south.

Maintain cold appliances

1mm of frost represents over-consumption of around 10%. It is therefore important to defrost your cold production devices regularly every 6 months. Likewise, place your appliance at least 5 cm from the back wall and clean the back grill once a year, this will allow your refrigerator to properly dissipate heat and consume less.

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