The Right Thing to Do for the Car Engine Lawyer

car accident lawyer

The first thing to do when you are involved in an accident, after having placed yourself and the affected persons in safety, is to receive the data of the counterparty and the vehicles involved (e.g., the license plate and the model of the vehicle, the counterpart’s personal details, the name of your insurance). Even if they seem like obvious things to you, days after the event, it can become difficult to trace all the useful information for the complaint. For a precise collection of information, we always recommend that you complete the blue form (Accident Statement): you will find a guide to the correct compilation of the Accident Report in this section. You would need the car accident lawyer for the task.

If you have a camera or mobile phone with a camera with you , we always recommend that you take a few shots, both on the license plate of the vehicles involved, and an overview that includes the physical elements (places with both directions, position of the vehicles, traces of braking, distance from the right margin, various traces of the collision, damage to vehicles and signs) and atmospheric conditions that at the time of determining the responsibilities may no longer be present (construction sites, holes on the road, water, snow, leaves etc.).

If there are witnesses, remember that their statements could be very useful for reconstructing the dynamics of the facts, especially in cases of disagreement between the parties, try to immediately report their personal details and a telephone number, before they leave the place where the accident occurred.

Times and methods to send the complaint

In the event of an accident, you can proceed with the request for direct compensation for damages by sending the claim report, within 3 days from the time the accident occurred or from the date on which you became aware of it.

You can report the accident in the following ways:

  • by calling
  • by fax
  • by post
  • sending an e-mail to

In any case, you will have to send as soon as possible the blue form (Accident Statement) – Complaint of an accident, provided on the occasion of the purchase of the policy, indicating the date, place, time, dynamics and witnesses of the accident. The report must be followed by news, documents, and judicial documents relating to the accident.

Direct compensation: when applied

Direct compensation is the simplest and fastest way to obtain the payment of damages by your insurance company.

Here are the conditions under which the direct compensation procedure can be applied:

  • The accident must consist of a collision that does not involve more than two motor vehicles;
  • If the accident involves a moped, it must be fitted with the plate required by the regulations in force;
  • The driver must not be injured, exceeding 9% of micro-permanent disability.

Remember that in no case may the liquidated damage be higher than the commercial value of the vehicle at the time of the accident, according to the terms of the law provided for by the CID Convention.

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