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What will be the answer to your research question? You also raise any objections and compare your results with others. In this closing part, the bag is tied together. The conclusions can also be in the section before, or at the end of this section, but often three things are done in this section:

 Draws conclusions from its study and links it to the research question, the purpose and the questions

Discusses the studies that were included in Previous Research. Do you agree? Do you get the same results as previous researchers? Why? Why not? The discussion part is very much about trying to find holes in their own reasoning to show that you have thought of everything. is homework market legit ? You need to be Therefore, you might discuss and criticize your own conclusions, your research question, your method or your material and so on. But you should not only criticize but also defend. The section may, therefore, contain wordings such as:

Another possible conclusion is that my respondents

  • Based on my question and Larsson’s view of the most reasonable interpretation is that
  • The sample of respondents may be considered
  • However, we made the assessment
  • Provides suggestions for further research

What is considered a good and neutral academic style may vary slightly between different subjects and institutions. However, most people agree that academic text is characterized by:


Academic texts are read to get information about something – not for fun. Therefore, the language should be concentrated and provide as much information as possible with as few words as possible. Often this means that you get a text with many nouns. They are the word class that carries the most information:


The essay should examine how it works when students develop their writing. (12 words, 25% noun.)


The thesis should examine students’ writing development. (5 words, 60% noun.)


Objectivity is about the interpretations made in the text is based on what can be observed, on facts and not on what someone thinks, feels or feels. It, therefore, contains no feelings or unfounded perceptions.


It feels like many high school students find math difficult.


The results of the essay as well as previous research indicate that many high school students find mathematics difficult.


Impersonality is related to objectivity and means that as a writer you are not visible too much in the text. There is no general ban on the word I, but it is good not to overuse it. Words like you, man and we should be avoided completely. You have an unclear meaning and you and we suggest that the writer is talking to his reader. This is not done in an academic text. Use passive form where it works. If you have a very personal style, it also needs to be toned down.


In this paper, we examine students’ writing development.

Impersonal (and in the passive form):

This paper examines students’ writing development.

Note Some institutions do not think the word we should appear at all. You need to find out for yourself what exactly your institution and your teachers think.

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