The most important tips for registering a domain name

خرید دامنه

The domain name is the business card of any website. A company or blog can make a good impression with its name and a top-level domain, even before the first page of its site is loaded. The choice of its title is difficult because it must mark and attract both potential visitors and search engines. In case you want to خرید دامنه then there are some formal and legal basic tips for registering a domain name. We have summarized it.

Submit a domain name

Whether it’s an online store, a blog, a private website or a web project, it’s very important to adapt your domain name. This is composed of the Top Level Domain (TLD), the .com end, and the second level domain, the full name.

Creating a domain name is no problem in France. It can be checked for availability from any provider. The latter will then contact a specialized organization (registrar) in charge of the desired TLD. Providers, called registrars, work with these organizations. For example, if you want to register your domain under five different extensions, you will need to contact one of these five organizations. 1 & 1 IONOS, for example, takes care of this communication between the various organizations.

Before reserving his domain name, the user must check whether it does not give rise to legal conflicts in the area of ​​trademark law. These breaches of domain names represent the most common mistakes.

Creating a second level domain

The creation of domain names is quite free in France. Some rules, however, must be respected. The maximum length is officially 63 characters per subdomain, but it is advisable to never exceed 59 for compatibility with some browsers. The minimum length is two characters. Subdomains are separated by a dot, the highest being at the beginning of the name. The characters refer to the letters of the Latin alphabet from “a” to “z”, the numbers from “0” to “9” and the symbol “-” (dash). This last symbol must not be placed before the ending .com. Other symbols such as periods, slashes or question marks are not allowed.

Domains with accents

It is possible since 2012 in France to create its domain while maintaining the accents following the introduction of the internationalized domain name registry. This allows some websites to maintain their national identity; the best example is that of the French Academy. Special characters are converted into an ASCII domain name. This reform affects most Latin languages.

This rule has created some difficulties: on the one hand, email addresses cannot contain special characters, on the other; Google does not seem to put them forward in its search results. In any case, we recommend that site administrators reserve more than one domain name, including variations with accents.

The choice of the TLD

The top-level domain is always at the end of the name. The most used are currently the following: .com, .net, .org as well as those at the national level such as .fr or .it. We will differentiate the following:

Generic TLDs: they refer to the offer of Internet sites. For example, a .com extension refers to a commercial offering, while .org corresponds to organizations, associations, and NGOs.

We recommend that you secure multiple extensions and domain names. It is possible via inexpensive solutions to register a name with multiple TLDs. These packs offered by providers help to improve the visibility of your website and protect the variants of your field of parasitic acts.

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