Strange health side effects by TKO products

Tko edibles

We may hear many health side effects by consuming the THC or cannabis filled vape or cartridges. In this article, we are going to see many real-life side effects and how people are suffering by inhaling the Tko edibles  or Cartridges. Let us look at those in brief.

Side effects of TKO and how teens suffering by it:

A patient had admitted to the hospital who is having about 18 years old. Initially, the symptom of the case was related to pneumonia. The patient was suffering by,

  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

After the deep examination with the patient reports using an x-ray, the doctor found that he had some haziness in the lungs. Within 48 hours of his admission, the condition of the patient drove very worse so he had shifted to the Intensive Care Unit. They had diagnostic him with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Usually, the patients who are having a major lung issue will be diagnosed by ARDS. Even though he cannot able to get recover so he was connected with a breathing tube then he went to a coma after a week.

Doctors were baffled about his health condition how a healthy and active 18 years old boy become so sick. The mother of the patient had shown up a cartridge with the label of tko extract which was found in her son’s waste bucket. It is a Cannabis product which has thc oil and CBD oil in the cartridge. Inhaling this will be a great threat to teenagers. After a few weeks, he had been recovered and discharged from the hospital with various strict medications to get out of the TKO inhalation.

After a few days a second patient with completely different symptoms had admitted and the same hospital. The patient had suffered from various problems in the lungs such as,

  • Coughing
  • Chest pain
  • Lost so much weight in a short span

This patient is around 19 years old teenager. At the very first with the basic symptoms, doctors had suspected that he had to go through cancer. After taking the biopsy and with the patient statement doctors found that he had been using TKO cartridge frequently in the past 3 months. And majorly the patient had purchased all those cartridges from the black market. 2 many of the countries and States are not legalized the TKO or CBD cartridges people can buy those prove the black market which is highly dangerous to their health.

When the chief doctor of the hospital had stated that nowadays many of the teenagers become sick and weak ok within a short span due to the inhalation of such e-cartridges. If the teenager starts inhaling the e-cartridges with three to four months they become weak and ill with many unrelated symptoms to one another. California is the only place where marijuana is legal in the recent study of the California department of public health reported that because of the vaped Cannabis products many teenagers and adults get into easy addiction that results in a major threat to their life. Information on such products will be nonaddictive at the initial stage but continuous usage becomes an addiction and that leads to major lung disorders so avoiding such habit is always advisable to those people who are in helping the e-cigarettes.

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