Smart Data Recovery Options for Your Choices

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Data recovery tools can be compared to a defibrillator. The goal is to revive the dead alive, and the technique only works if certain criteria are met. Which criteria and good advice you will find a little further down in the article. With the use of the hard drive recovery, you can have the best options now.

Ten great tips for data recovery

Experts mentioned at the outset that data recovery is only possible if certain conditions or criteria are met. These criteria are pushed to the chest by some people in certain professional environments, and that’s why.

  • Do not add new data to the damaged hard drive.
  • If something went wrong during recovery or installation, avoid repeating a step again, such as reinstalling a program.
  • Avoid overwriting data
  • Do not install one or more recovery programs on the corrupted disk. Install such a tool on another disk.
  • Review the situation and avoid panic. It reduces the risk of doing something stupid in the heat of the situation.
  • Do you have any suspicions that the hard drive may be damaged, shut down your computer normally, and disconnect the drive? Only use the hard drive when attempting to retrieve data.
  • Do not format the hard drive.
  • No leak surgeons do not open the hard drive or attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Never miss the belief that data can be retrieved. Even in extreme cases such as fire or moisture damage.
  • Very professional help if all hope is out.

Beware of encryption

Today’s operating system is increasingly focusing on security. Today, virtually all operating systems support the encryption of folders and files, making a good and modern operating system. Of course, encryption offers many benefits but has a disadvantage when it comes to data recovery.

In the Enterprise and Ultimate edition of Windows Vista, users get access to the Bitlocker encryption feature. This may be especially great for laptops. If you use this feature, remember to set a recovery password and save it in different locations. In a business, Active Directory (AD) can be a convenient place, while for businesses that do not run AD, a USB memory stick can be another option. Should the TPM module stop working or something should go wrong,,, this password is the only way to recover encrypted data. Therefore, make sure you have more than one backup of this password.

RAID can also be a challenge

Many PCs today come with RAID functionality. RAID-0 (striping) is used by many to increase disk performance. The problem with RAID-0 is that if one or more disks stop working, then it is virtually impossible to repair the RAID setup. People who run RAID-0 should, therefore, be extra careful about making frequent backups but also note their RAID parameters. These are data that can be used later to recover data from a corrupted RAID configuration.

A good tool that we have tested on the side of this test is RAID Reconstructor from Runtime Software. The program creates a copy or disk image of the data that once existed when the RAID setup functioned normally. This disk image can then be imported into the company’s GetDataBack software for further recovery.

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