Removals is a Canadian moderate metal/exploratory music bunch situated in Vancouver

They recorded and delivered six studio collections. The band delivered and delivered instrumental just music on their full-length collections, every so often joining forces with different craftsmen to give verses and vocals to a current melodic track at . The band performs without vocal mouthpieces, speaking with the crowd through text and pictures projected on the divider behind the band.


The evacuation was framed in 1997 in Vancouver. Guitarist Bill Johnston and bassist Rob Clark met drummer Ernie Hawkins when they started recording a portion of their practices at his studio, Big Midget. The band finished various visits in Europe, and for a period kept a van of visit hardware primed and ready in Amsterdam for their generally yearly visits, remembering one for 2004 on the side of their collection

The Strong Silent Type.  Removal utilized the 1980 Ford Econoline van that went with Terry Fox on the Marathon of Hope for visiting in North America for some years. The band delivered its last collection in 2007.

Evacuation ward

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