Property inspection: cautions in the inspection of a property to rent

Locating building defects

When preparing a property for lease, some basic precautions must be taken by the realtor. A property survey, for example, is indispensable to certify the housing conditions of an environment before it is handed over to the future tenant. Such a procedure avoids damage and problems between tenants and tenants. For Locating building defects you need to be specific now.

In general, the real estate survey considers the infrastructure of the property. The important thing for the broker is that this analysis is part of the tenancy agreement signed between the owner and tenant so that it works as a report that indicates the conditions of the property in detail, describing its defects, level of conservation, what is new, what needs repair, etc.

It is recommended that this documentation be made before and after the move, which gives greater security and, in fact, obliges the tenant to return the property in the same conditions as received. So broker, want to know which items should be evaluated when preparing your real estate for lease? Check out these five tips we have separated for you.

Analyze the property infrastructure in the smallest detail

When filling out your rental property checklist, it is very important to be aware of minor damage that may be a sign of major problems in the future. Therefore, evaluate the status of items such as:

Electrical part

Power outages can pose risks to future tenants. Therefore, addressing the situation of these systems is essential. At this time, you should evaluate the condition of the electrical outlets and wiring in your home, check for exposed wires, and see if any adjustments have been made to the network old tenants often make new power points but forget that this must be done properly. In addition, it should be noted that when lighting a lamp, short shorts, flashes and other signals that the network is overloaded.

Hydraulic part

When checking the hydraulic part, the most important thing is to look for possible leaks. Look closely at the painting of the property to find spots where the paint is darker. This may indicate that there is moisture and consequently leaks.

Also check the status of the toilet valves, as they often have problems frequently, and check all faucets and showers. You should check the sewerage, grates, taps, and stall location, water flow level in bathrooms, kitchen and common areas, in case of apartments.

Floor and linings

It is very important that, before offering a property for sale or rent, the condition of the floor and lining should be carefully analyzed. These items can be decisive for closing the contract. After all, they are highly regarded by tenants. Ideally, analyze if the structure of the ceiling is visibly normal, without cracks or holes. On the floor, check that there are no loose tiles, holes or serious imperfections.

Paint and coatings

Check if the property was recently painted and if the painting is in good condition. Old paintings that are exposed to rain tend to peel more easily, so check the condition of the outside as well as the inside. As a rule, whenever the landlord is going to prepare a property for rent or there is a change of tenants, a makeover should be done in which painting is one of the first things to note. As for coatings, make sure there are no missing tiles, cracks and no grout between them as this greatly compromises the aesthetics.

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