Online Gaming: The Source of Entertainment for Generation Y


Each of us likes entertainments of all kind. One of the better sources is the internet. In it, we find a lot of different games that almost everyone gives a lot of joy. No matter if it’s a seven-year-old boy or a forty-year-old mature woman. The games are so varied in terms of themes that it is impossible for somebody not to be interested. Due to the fact that there are many young girls in the network from 8 to 14 years old, they were also thought of and the type of games invented as so-called “dress up”. In mmorpg you will get all the information for the same now.

They are based on the fact that we play the role of some fashion creator and dress a model, depending on our liking, in what we want. The choice among clothes is so great that we will definitely find something suitable that we like. Games often make children’s dreams come true. Games also give a lot of fun. Girls who do not play for sure are happier. Parents are certainly satisfied with this fact. Every parent wants their child to be smiling and happy.

General source of entertainment

In general, online games are entertainment for many people. People who earn on this think about each group in the network and invent different types of games and different games accordingly. They also sometimes adapt to individuality. To find the right game for you just enter the right password in the appropriate search engine on the internet. Some games develop the mind and it is worth playing them because we can combine useful and pleasant e.g. logistic games such as scrabble.

Not just teenagers

According to the state of the research cited by the author of the report, online games are indeed most often played by young people aged 15-19, and the use of the Internet as a game tool decreases with age. But is it true that all teenagers spend their free time in this way? Of the surveyed young people, 62.3 percent of people declared using the games. The author of online games also refers to various types of consumer research. They show that this type of entertainment is becoming popular in the age group of adults (18-35 years), and the number of amateurs of games among middle-aged and older people is increasing every year.

Clan of players

Players develop their own culture, habits and way of communicating. Their language is characterized by borrowings from English and abbreviations, often incomprehensible to people from outside the environment. Specific slang is not the only distinguishing feature. There are communities around the games, made up of people who prefer a particular type of game, building teams. These teams, called clans, take names, create their own places i.e. websites in the virtual world, and have their leaders.

The term “electronic sport” appears more and more often. To achieve high efficiency and effectiveness in the game, you need to “train” a lot. Only the persistent gain respected places in online gaming rankings. Gaining further points, stages and constant improvement of skills is indicated as an important element of the player’s culture. The best players play with the best, i.e. the leaders search on the Internet for other gaming partners, team members. Thanks to this, they make friends, create bonds and learn how to communicate efficiently during team games.

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