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The extra lock should be placed at least 40 cm from the existing lock. An extra lock located inside the door weakens the door because it is hollowed out where the lock sits. When the locks are placed at least 40 centimeters apart, the two hollows are so far apart that they do not affect the door’s strength to such an extent that the door can easily be kicked in. From cerrajeros madrid you can find the best deals now.

What lock types are there?

Overall there are 3 categories of locks:

  • Cylinder Locks
  • Tumbler locks
  • Electronic locks

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are available as box locks and indented locks. A recessed lock is located inside the door by the handle and can also be mounted in the door as lock number 2. The cylinder must be secured with a cylinder ring or safety hose plate which makes it difficult to twist or break the cylinder and open the door.

The box lock is available both with and without a latch. The box lock is screwed to the inside of the door and is often mounted as lock number 2. The lock is also available with internal screws. Turning the key opposite in the lock locks the knob in the latch, thereby increasing the safety of the lock.

Tumbler locks

Keeper locks, like a plugged lock, sit inside the door itself. Unfortunately, lock locks have the disadvantage that no system keys can be made for them. Today, locksmiths are widely used only for safes and almost never for external doors.

Electronic locks

In multi-dwelling properties, it is a good idea to use electronic locking systems where each apartment receives a locked card. The lock cards can be customized with codes for the different dwellings, basements and storerooms, and the code is changed upon moving in and out. In this way, it is avoided that there are keys in circulation in people unrelated to the property.

How are patio doors and basement doors secured?

It is important that you not only think about the front door when choosing locks. In a quick round, the thief will quickly find the entrance to the house that is least secured, and if the patio door or basement door is not adequately secured, this is where the burglar will try to enter.

It’s also a good idea to have a key lock in your patio door. Therefore, there should be a lock with a key in the patio door, so you can lock the door from the inside and remove the key. Again, it is important that everyone in the home knows where the key is stored so everyone can get out the door in the event of a fire. In this way, it becomes both difficult for the thief to come in from outside and to come out again through the patio door with his arm full of thieves.

Electronic door locks

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular. Here, codes, cards or small magnetic plates are used to show access to a house instead of the usual key. Codes are not considered secure enough to provide approved locks.

The advantage of locking without a key is that there is no keyhole to force. Some models may also be easier to handle for a person with a disability than a key. There are also electronic locks where the regular key is used.

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