Last phase of Human Life

Funeral Directors Southend

When we discuss the works after death it is mainly dealt with the works for the funeral director. A funeral director is a person who performs the last rituals to a dead person and sends him above with a good note. We still believe all life and death are for cause. Though technically speaking the concept of heaven and hell is still on the controversy, we people of the world still believe that one foe to heaven based on good deeds and goes to hell based on bad deeds. Am not sure how the good and bad are categorized. The things which are good to oneself might bad for the other and vice versa. If that itself is not finalized am not sure how the heaven and hell concept is still in existence. Without deviating from the topic the funeral director is the person responsible for the last one arranges for the burial. There are even various customs followed in each family in arranging the funeral. Based on religious custom and status the funeral director arranges for the same. The dead one can be buried or burnt into aches based on the practice of the families. He will perform according to the family’s wishes. There is various superstitious belief for the Funeral Directors Southend .

Since he is a person who deals with dead bodies day and night common man thinks very weird of him. But once we experience it will understand that these funeral directors are human like us. They do families like us and have children to feed. Some regard this as service but some perform this as a duty of the job which they have taken up. Some might misunderstand that they scam people with a lot of money due to the loved ones are dead, but it is not the truth. They work through the day to earn for their family since the death ceremonies are performed any time of the day based on their convenience. They are the people who take off out loved ones in the last phase. The job that they do is not very easy it is not similar to some manual 8-6 world which we or only physical work which requires manpower. This job required both physical and mental health stably to perform the same. We humans usually have a week heart and feel sympathy for others in some part of the time, but for these funeral directors they daily witness the heart-wrenching scene of mourning every day, they have control of all the emotions and stand still to perform the rituals. We might feel the fishy and geeky smell in the funeral home, but they have stayed there all long and sacrifice for our sake. Some do their jobs has an ancestral hand over form many years. Such occasions will lead them to other employment opportunities. this is one of the weirdest jobs that not all people will be willing to do it. Once should witness this from the beginning and do an accountable job since it deals with human emotions. And treat everyone equally since it is not a common man job which involves tireless will power and sincere thought by heart

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