How to set up remote access via PC?

Remote viewing of the registrar has recently become very relevant. In order to perform all the necessary configuration actions, you can use a tablet, laptop, smartphone or computer. There are no requirements for a specific type of operating system, so the user can choose it at his discretion. A visit to makes things perfect now.

On video configure the DVR to work on the network:

At the first boot of the DVR, the question arises of whether to enable the cloud. You need to select the option that confirms the agreement since the cloud server will allow you to perform all the settings remotely. After connecting to the cloud, a specific IP address is assigned to the DVR. Next, you need to connect the network cable to the recorder. The other end of the wire connects to a computer or mobile device. To perform the entire configuration and management actions, a special program is required, which must be downloaded. The choice of program depends on the type of equipment used. After installing the software module, you need to follow the prompts and enter the id of the DVR. The program will connect through the cloud service.

One of the features that appeared in Windows for a long time is the ability to remotely control a computer. Despite all its advantages, for some reason, it was left unattended by users. Let’s look at it in a little more detail, and also figure out how to enable it on your computer.

Enabling Remote Desktop in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can use the system tools to organize the remote control function of another computer. To enable it, open the “Settings” applet, go to the “System” section in it, then select the “Remote Desktop” item, where the switch is located, which will need to be switched to the “On” position.

The wizard will require you to confirm your choice, click the appropriate button. Please note that in the Windows 10 default settings, a user who is a member of the Administrators group will be able to connect to the computer. To expand this list, click on the “Select Users” item. Click “Add” and add the desired user.

Connect to a remote computer

To connect to a remote computer, there are several options:

  • Remote Desktop Connection is a classic Windows desktop application.
  • Remote Desktop (Microsoft). The official utility for managing a remote computer from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android. Utility for controlling a computer from a Smartphone.

The principle of operation for all applications for connecting is the same you launch them on a computer and a Smartphone and enter the name or IP address of the computer to which we want to connect.

Instead of an afterword

The remote desktop function we have examined has some limitations it works within the same local network, and for it, you need to have Windows with a Pro index and higher. Be careful by allowing a remote connection to your computer, you will slightly reduce its security, so be careful. And for simple connections, we recommend using the Quick Help utility that appeared with the release of Windows 10 Creators Update.

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