How to prepare a wedding ceremony traditionally?

groomsmen central

There are majorly nine parts for a wedding ceremony, which are all the basic, and by these, you can add or expand some points that help create the best wedding. These are to be very standard for the wedding. Let us lookout the things which help with the traditional wedding.

Wedding plan order:

A wedding ceremony is the only best occasion for the groom and bride, and this is one of the best moments which they always cherish in their life. All the wedding ceremony is going with the same order which the best thing. But it depends on the religion, culture, and style. The lists are as follows:

  • Processional
  • Welcome words
  • Introduction and opening remarks
  • Readings
  • Exchanging vows
  • Kiss
  • Cohesive ceremony
  • Blessings
  • Recessional

With this, your wedding should take place. And all the above nine ceremonies should take place within the time you had mentioned in your welcome card or invitation. Check what groomsmen central  for the wedding is. Let’s are looking at all these in detail.

Processional – this ceremony should occur with the family members, and the wedding party comes to the aisle and takes their seats. In that first, processional starts with heading with the

  • grandparents
  • parents
  • groom
  • Officiant
  • Wedding party
  • Flower girl
  • Bearer of the ring

And at last, the bride should enter the wedding hall.

Welcome words – this ceremony takes by the officiant either he or she will spell out a few words by welcoming the guests by thanking them for witnessing the tradition.

Introduction and opening remarks – the officiant offers an introduction and shared thoughts about the marriage. It will be a brief and the love story, what is about marriage, and so on.

Readings – in this ceremony, the readers will give a short prayer or other reading notes for the bride and groom. In this, the officiant should call them up with a little introduction about them. They can also share some words about marriage.

Exchanging vows – in this ceremony, after the reading, the two will share the vows, and also, they are the part where they exchange the rings on fingers as the best symbol of marriage.

Kiss- this is the best part of the bride and groom’s marriage as a symbol of love. They exchange kisses. And they seal the union with this kiss. Now they become officially as a husband and wife.

Cohesive ceremony – if you want to add your wedding ceremony with the cohesive or unity ceremony, then you should add that next to the kiss. That will be the best time to do that ceremony. They can do binding their hands to light up a candle and many things.

Blessings – if your wedding is ultimately a traditional one, then this the right time for the prayers finally. You can do this along with the guests who have been for the wedding.

Recessional – in this, the officiant will introduce the couple officially to the crowd. The marriage ceremony will get end by this. The married couple will move to their place after that. In this, the bride will throw the flower back. The spinster who gets this will get the marriage as soon as a common saying at the wedding.

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