How to choose a good care home?

Care Homes Stratford Upon Avon

Care homes, also known as senior living homes, adult family homes, or personal care homes provide accommodation, meal services, activities to stimulate physical and mental health, and supervised assistance for daily living activities for a group of senior residents. They also offer medical care, although it is not the main focus of a care home. Care homes are normally located in residential neighborhoods and offer a personal, home-like environment for their residents.

Care Homes Stratford Upon Avon provides better care than paid carers but not as skilled care as for nursing homes. It is important to know about the services and facilities offered by the particular care homes and how much their services cost. The cost is dependent on the location, the level of care offered, the facilities available and the level of skill and training the staff has in taking care of the elderly. Basic services offered in care homes are:

  • Private or shared rooms with common recreation and dining area
  • Daily meals
  • Housekeeping services
  • Medication management
  • Recreational programs and activities
  • Easy access to the nearest hospital

What is it like to be in a care home?

Care homes offer a familial environment with people with similar needs are present at the care home. It gives a great chance for elders to socialize with other seniors and create a bond with each other. This gives seniors the opportunity to make new friends and have a healthy social life.

Advantages of care home:

  • For people who don’t need constant medical care, it bridges the gap between living independently and getting the right care.
  • Gives accommodation, food and has skilled staff providing medical care and security services for seniors with far away families.
  • Gives the elders an opportunity to form good relations with other people who are just like them, which helps them deal with loneliness and depression too.
  • Living in a community can reduce stress and financial burden.

Tips for choosing a care home for your loved one:

When looking for a good care home, don’t judge the care home just on the basis of its external looks and how well decorated the facility is. The ambiance is important but the experience, behavior, and background of the caregivers at the care home are most important.

Following aspects should be kept in mind while choosing a care home:

  • The experience of the owners of the care home
  • The fees should be proportionate with the facilities and services offered
  • Do the caregivers stay at the care home or do they work in shifts
  • The number of caregivers available for each resident
  • Cleanliness of the premises
  • The temperament of the current residents
  • Availability of proper communication channels between the resident and their family
  • Level of readiness in case of medical emergencies

Before finalizing the care home, visit many care homes to get an idea of the facilities provided. You can then compare and choose one which offers the services you need and fits your budget. It is advisable to schedule an appointment for your first visit and clear any queries you have and later pay a surprise visit to ensure regularity in services offered.

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