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Condition of entrance doors and internal doors, what lies on the floor are they ordinary PVC tiles, wooden boards, panels or maybe parquet? Old parquet requires scraping, renovation and painting with varnish a few times. Sometimes the old parquet floor, although it looks solid at first glance, can only be replaced. With Shreveport Bossier, LA Realtor this whole process comes easy now.

Before you buy a house, check the walls and ceilings

Do not be indifferent to the appearance of the walls and ceiling, especially in the bathroom and right next to the windows. If there is humidity and fungus in the rooms, you will have a lot of work to do. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it is better not to “let go” of this house. If there are cracks on the walls, this may indicate poorly made foundations. And as you know, good foundations are the foundation of not only a well-built home. In addition, look at the plasters inside the house. If they are “swollen” then they will have to be forged and put again. If the house is made in wooden technology, then pay close attention to insects that feed on wood. If they are you are lost to them. You’d better look for another home.


Bathroom equipment are tiles and terracotta (if so, in what condition)? Is there a bath or a shower? What is the condition of the ceramics (sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet)? Evaluate what can be exchanged and what can be left. Check also how many bathrooms and toilets there are, whether they are together or separately. Remember how you want your dream bathroom to look.

Kitchen and these matters in the house you are buying

Check the floor; be sensitive to the presence of uninvited guests, such as Pharaoh’s cockroaches and ants. In addition, it would be good to ask the homeowner about the neighbors. What are they like are they young or in their prime with adolescents, or maybe pensioners? Why is this so important? Because if you decide to buy this house, you will live in it for the next few years whether the house is offered empty or is left with the equipment (if so, it would be good to clarify what exactly remains and how much you will need for to pay extra). Sometimes it is much cheaper to buy new equipment.

The cost of maintaining and using the house

It is worth asking yourself: what are the costs of maintaining and using the house especially central heating and perpetual usufruct fees. At the end of the inspection check all installations. Check contacts and sockets. Ask the owner to turn on all the lights at once to see that the installation is all right. Ask for electric wires, are they copper or aluminum? Look at the taps or not leaking. Then unscrew them for as long as possible to see what the water pressure is and what the water temperature is. Ask about fittings water, is it copper, galvanized steel, or maybe plastic? If the apartment has a gas stove, then check all the burners. See how big the flame is, which indicates strong or weak gas pressure.

If you are buying a house or flat whose technical condition raises your doubts even if you are not a specialist in construction matters, then a good solution is to hire a Construction Supervision Inspector. His services compared to the price of the house and future unforeseen renovations will cost you little, and he can pick up things that you can’t see.

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