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how to start affiliate marketing

This seems like a long laundry list, but once your website has been created, it is only regularly to post new content and messages. You need to know how to start affiliate marketing also.

Determine product

When you start affiliate marketing, it is wise to start with a product that you are interested in, or which you know something about.

This way it is easier to sustain your business. There are various affiliate networks that have products that you can promote. For example, paypro or daisycon are 2 Dutch networks that specialize in this. Independent companies such as, amazon and aliexpress also have an affiliate or partner program.

You register your own with such a network and you get a unique link that you can place on your website.

If people click on your link, they will be redirected to a sales page. If they proceed to purchase a product or service, then it is also cashier for you!

Register a domain name

  • If you know which direction you want to go with your website, it is time to register a domain.
  • If you focus your own on the Netherlands, .nl is, of course, the best. If you want to promote internationally, you should take .com.
  • Look for a short clear name that immediately states what your website is about. These days, the domain name is no longer so important for Google, so you can also use your own creativity.

Building and maintaining a website

Now you are going to create a website that has to do with the product you are going to promote. On the home page, you will briefly explain what your website is about. Do not make this too long, because when it gets boring, people click right away! Your intention is, of course, to have as many visitors as possible click on your link. You will do this by posting valuable content in the form of blog posts. Write texts of 1000 to 1500 words in clear, an error-free language that will really benefit your visitors. Maintaining your website means that you regularly post new messages.

Website under construction Determine keywords

Of course, you want you to be found on Google. To a large extent, you control this yourself by using good keywords in your messages. At sites such as, you can type 5 keywords daily for free. You can then see how often this search term is searched for on a monthly basis.

In the beginning, use a multi-word search term (long-tail keywords ). The number of people looking for this on a monthly basis may not be that spectacular, but it is people who are really looking for that keyword. In addition, with the popular single keywords, there is a lot of competition from other websites.

Email marketing program

If you really want to earn a lot of money with affiliate marketing, then an email marketing program is an absolute must. If you don’t have this, your visitors will be ‘lost’ when they disappear from your website. You can have interested visitors register for your newsletter via a landing page.

You will then receive the name and email address of your visitor, after which he will be redirected to your product. The advantage of this is that you can still occasionally e-mail this visitor to persuade him or send him another offer.

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