Great Choices for the Perfect Taxi Service Jaipur Rajasthan

A five-story palace is picturesquely located in the middle of Lake Man Sarobar on the way from Amber to Jaipur. You can visit Jaipur and visit the place. Taking taxi from Delhi you can very easily visit here. All you will need is to visit the site Jaipur Rajasthan now.

The lake in the dry season can completely dry up, but in the rainy season it is again filled with water. And then the walls protrude from the water, as in Venice.

You can’t get there for several reasons. The water level fluctuates greatly and floods the lower 4 floors. The palace has not been restored, and there is nothing good there. The water is very dirty and infected with various harmful organisms.

Nevertheless, it looks wonderful, and admiring it is included in the program of visiting Jaipur. Therefore, the promenade with a view of Jal Mahal is full of souvenir, water, and other tourist goods dealers. The palace on the water prevents trash and dirty beggars from admiring. There is no escape from the latter, but the shores of debris could have been cleared.

Jantar Mantar

The observatory is a collection of gigantic astronomical instruments built by the learned Raj Jai Singh 2 in 1727 – 1734. The purpose of the construction, in addition to astronomical research, was the compilation of accurate horoscopes. Our guide also tried to make us predictions, but he did not succeed with the binding of our places of birth. These places are unknown in India.

Astronomical structures, of course, are interesting and honor the Indian scientists. But in the words of experts that the Indians knew about the sphericity of the Earth and the shape of the solar system long before our era, we doubted.

The peacock gate to the palace is remembered

There are huge silver vessels for water, in which, when traveling to London, he brought water from the Ganges. He drank only her on the road. Zitu assured us that drinking Ganges water in our time is not only not dangerous, but also beneficial. Something tells us that this is not entirely true.

Albert Museum

This building you will notice in the evening, when we arrived in the dark in the city. You will I think what a wonderful palace! It turned out to be just a stylization, built to the arrival of the same Prince Albert in 1876. But the stylization is very talented, made in the so-called Indo-Saracen style. The British is five with a plus.

For some time after the departure of the prince, the authorities did not know what to do with the palace, but from 1887 to the present, it houses the Museum of Arts and Crafts of India of the 17–20 centuries. We did not get to the museum. The guide said that the exposure there is about the same as in the city palace. I don’t know if this is so. It would be more time, we would go there. And just ran around him. Good.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple, or Birla

The last thing we saw in Jaipur is the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, or Birla.

The name is the same as in Delhi. But I liked the Jaipur temple much more. It was built in 1985 from white marble with the money of the same Birla family as the Delhi. According to the creators, he was supposed to symbolize the unity of India, so not only Hindu gods, but also Christ and Madonna are depicted on its walls. In the temple are statues of the founder and his wife. You cannot take pictures in the temple premises.

An abandoned fortress rises above the temple, peacocks sit on the trees, and a view of the city opens from the observation deck of the temple. The temple does not represent historical value, but it is beautiful.

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