Escape rooms come with a variety of themes

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Since escape rooms are often filled with various challenges and confusing scenarios, you must have your thought caps on. Both of these features are intended to make your escape room adventure challenging and exciting. Without giving too much away, we’ll suggest a few of ‘most thrilling virtual escape game singapore .

However, before you begin an escape room, it is recommended that you form a team of the best people and find out how to get out of the room.

  1. The Book of Exodus

Have you ever wondered how it feels to flee and battle your way to freedom? That’s exactly what you’ll get to do in this escape room.

The Pharaoh is the ruler of the nations, and you have been enslaved and forced to do difficult labour. However, you are rescued by a hero who is determined to free you and the other captives.

However, the days are grim, and democracy remains a long way off. The Pharoah continues to fail to comply with the hero’s demands. As a result, your destiny is in your possession, and you must escape the escape room at all costs.

  1. Aokigahara.

We’re sure you’ve heard about Japan’s famous suicide forest. But listening is one thing, and being in that terrifying environment is quite another.

In this escape room, you’re trapped in Aokigahara, surrounded by horror and ghostly voices. It started as a research project, but now you might be a part of history as well.

If you don’t think quickly and get out quickly, you’ll soon follow in the footsteps of the others.

  1. Mausoleum

Your greatest ally may be information. However, it may also be your greatest enemy.

You were initially only lurking around the Terracotta Army world heritage site, satiating your curiosity and absorbing all of the new information. However, going too far down the rabbit hole has led you to a locked room.

The aim is to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible so that you can avoid the shiny liquid that will take your life.

  1. Castiglione.

You have a mission for your emperor: retrieve the 12 zodiac head statues from the castle.

Even if you can navigate your way through the fortress, escaping it is a difficult task. You may not only lose the statues if you are not fast, but you may also not make it through the night.

You play as a secret agent in the Castiglione, and you need wit to get through this situation. So, use all of your brainpower to find out where the statues are. Above everything, avoid falling into the possession of the guards.

  1. Alcatraz.

It’s exhilarating to watch those prisoners break their way out of jail. But what if you had a chance to break out of the world’s most secure prison?

Look no further than Alcatraz, America’s most dangerous and ruthless prison.

You will be playing the part of a prisoner in this escape space, and you will need to think quickly to escape successfully.

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