Different Nature of Tipping All Over the World

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Tips are usually given to the service workers to praise their service rendered by them to the customers. The tip amount will be delivered directly in the hands of the service workers, along with the bill amount. One can easily calculate the tip amount from the percentage of the bill amount on his own choice. The percentage of the bill amount will be varying from place to place and also from the rules of different countries. There are Various countries allow persons to give the tip amount, but some states will not permit the act of tipping. The calculating tip applications are available in a handy way even in the mobile phones the same as a standard calculator.

The tip calculator is available in various applications, and so the people can easily calculate the amount of tip which has to be given to the service workers. The advice can be given to persons who serve you, such as baristas in restaurants, hairdressers in the parlor, luggage carriers in hotels, and even more people. This amount is to encourage their good work even though they are paid for these works. This tip will act as extra money to these people who deserve more for their selfless help and service. Yet, they are paid very low in terms of salary and so the people give them tips.

Normally, the tip amount given for the service workers will be nearly 10% to 20% of the total amount of the bill. The tipping culture is different in many regions of the world. All the countries do not accept the nature of tipping and so it is better to know the details of tipping. This will be very useful for travelers who might give tips to the workers as per their homeland. But, in some situations, this act gives them trouble when they give tips in such countries which do not accept it and consider it has insulted. So, it is necessary to know the tipping culture of some famous tourist countries to avoid such hasty situations.

Tipping in Different Countries

The United States accepts the tip amount as same as the nature of India. The only difference will be the percentage of tips but the nature of accepting and expecting the tip is so common. In Switzerland, mostly the tip amount is not expected by the service people, but some people reward them by giving the tip amount of 5% to 10% for their valuable service. In the case of Russia, the amount of the tip will not be given to the service worker directly as the other countries, the tip amount will be taken only by the management. Then it is according to the rule of the management that only some share of the tip amount will be given to them. There are also countries in which the act of tipping will be considered as illegal and also as an act nearly to bribery. In case, if the service person is given the tip amount, then it will be misunderstood as an insult.

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