Depiction and Character of Duergar in Dungeons & Dragons

dnd duergar names

Duergar, otherwise called dark dwarves, or under-dwarves were an underground subrace of dwarves. They cut out a presence in the Underdark, regularly close volcanoes. Their connection to other dwarven subraces might measure up to that of the drow to surface mythical people.

Depiction :

Like other dwarves, duergar were regularly stocky figures, however, past this, there were numerous dnd duergar names . Both male and female duergar were normally bare, with females likewise inadequate with regards to the ability to develop beard growth. Many were additionally more slender than their dwarven brethren. Generally self-evident, nonetheless, was their dull dark skin and hair, regularly coordinated with a similarly indifferent articulation. Normal dwarves said they had level heads, potentially as an affront.

Since numerous duergar found on a superficial level world were criminal outcasts, a surface inhabitant who experienced one of the dim dwarves was probably going to see facial and arm tattoos that denoted the duergar as a trickster to their kin.

Character :

Duergar were on a basic level a horrid and unpleasant race, skeptical of their future and profoundly pessimistic in regards to the intentions of others. In a dim reversal of the solid family bonds commonplace of their dwarven kinfolk, duergar saw their kinfolk and tribe as enemies set on keeping them down, an assumption that turned into an unavoidable outcome since each duergar came to accept this from youth. Subsequently, duergar were a dim and barbarous race, who showed no kindness to their adversaries and who enjoyed extraordinary causing torment for other people, a welcome help from what they accepted was an unimportant life that would end, unavoidably, in double-crossing.

In light of their negativity, duergar infrequently undertook undertakings willingly and were rather most normally ousted and projected out of their general public. These globe-trotters, most ordinarily worried about close to home delight, were regularly warriors or rebels, inclining toward their preparation against the dangers of the Underdark. Priests were genuinely normal too, serving the duergar divine beings to acquire force and impact inside society. In contrast to Shield Dwarves, duergar had no specific biases against esoteric spellcasters and the two smiths gaining practical experience in the smithy of charmed things and wizards were very much regarded. In view of their barbarous nature, experienced duergar globe-trotters frequently became professional killers or rogues, however, the reverence of runes in duergar culture additionally drove many to become rune casters.

Capacities :

Duergar were here and there surprisingly better adjusted to underground living than other dwarves. While other dwarves did not have the ability to see totally in the most profound haziness, this was not an issue for duergar. Duergar were likewise insusceptible to a considerable lot of the old strategies utilized by the psyche flayers to control them, like loss of motion, ghosts, catalytic toxins, or a few kinds of dreams.

Duergar were likewise slippery, sly individuals, not at all like their compelled by a sense of conviction cousins, and regularly dominated at setting up ambushes or moving far away. Then again, many were additionally acceptable at identifying stowed away items. A couple of duergar likewise had innate capacities likened to the grow and imperceptibility spells. This included some major disadvantages, notwithstanding, and duergar, as drow, had an extraordinary weakness to daylight.

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