Best Accessories for everyone who uses computer

Computer Network Accessories Sale In Kenya

It is not required to be a YouTuber or a gamer to get the right computer accessories for your computers. Computer Network Accessories Sale In Kenya will sell the best computer accessories that are needed. Therefore you will need the best products that you will need for your computer. Below are some of the accessories that will actually help you leverage your device’s capabilities. If your bag does not come with a laptop area that is built I and padded sleeve that will offer you protection then you will need to ook for a perfect laptop bag for keeping your laptop safe. If you are looking for a perfect new bag then it will be fine to take the Belkin Active Pro messenger bag as a solid choice. It has room for a 15.6-inch laptop, it is also has a water-resistant coating for protection during the times of rainy weather, and also has reflective areas that will make it visible in the dark. The messenger bag from the amazon has padded shoulder straps and will always keep you organized and correct with special pockets for your devices.


Cables and dongles are the most important thing that you will need as a part of your computer accessory but also these dongles and the cables are the ones that get easily lost. They are quite annoying to carry around and also they tend to break very easily. If you are looking for something that is strong and is reliable then opts for  Cables and dongles are a big pain even when they aren’t lost. They’re annoying to carry around and can break easily. If you’re looking for something cheap and reliable, opt for these three-foot, 5,000-bend lifespan Micro USB cables from Anker. They are only $5 each and come with an 18-month warranty. If you want a fancier one with a quite high price then you can go for  Native Union cables have a 10,000-bend lifespan due to their “o-flex” strain relief, which increases the durability of the cable.

The best touchpad

The Sensel Morph is a touch-sensitive, pressurized pad which is the best touchpad, this has almost over 20,000 sensors with 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity. It can feel and register up to 16 touch points simultaneously and also comes with overlays customized for specific applications of the computer. There are 10 overlays in al, the touchpad, this includes the option of music. It means it has a drum pad and also a piano and also it has music production controls. It also has keyboards and gaming controls. It can be used without a wire that is wireless which will be over a Bluetooth or plugged in via USB.

The charger

Anker’s 5-port 60W wall chargers will be good for you to have a new kind of laptop that will charge with the USB. These are also trustworthy alternatives. These come with a computer itself as a default many times. The charger consists of four standard USB ports, a 29-watt fast-charging USB-C port, and built-in PowerIQ technology that is used for detecting the fastest charging speed of your device.

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