Adblock- A vital process to know


An Ad block is a great way to keep yourself away from unrelated ads that bother you and thereby save your precious time, data and money.  Your internet browsing experience can go for a toss with irritating pop ups or autoplay ads playing in between. It may worry more when your online activities get tracked while you are browsing the internet and you are continually shown ads that are directed at your personal interests.

Advantages of using Adblock :

  1. Using Adblock actually blocks all ads. Most of the people don’t want to see ads while browsing as this may divert their attention and waste some precious time. This is when an Ad block helps you to save all your attention, time, data and money.
  2. People choose Adblockers as they help to avoid all malware, viruses, phishing and other online scams. An Adblocker may warn you when you have such threats so that you can choose any other safe way to browse.
  3. It gives you privacy and protects you when online. When you choose Ad block, no ads and trackers get downloaded, so that third parties will not be able to track your online activities.
  4. Many tests and surveys have shown that browsers with Adblockers allow you to download required data 2x faster when compared to sites with ads. This will save your precious time.
  5. They also help you save data. The ads and popups consume much data and battery of your mobile or laptops. By preventing all those ads, you save both data and power consumption. Many times, you may note that advertising costs the user more data consumption than the actual editorial content you are looking for.
  6. When a web page load, the ads that appears, instead, they are generally stored somewhere on a thirdparty server and is delivered to this platform from that server. This shows that to be able to monitor the ad effectiveness of serving you, they must be gathering all data about you so that they can serve you the most pertinent advertising all the time. So, when you choose to use Adblock, ad blocking software avoid ad servers from tracking you, which may be a welcome privacy feature for all browsers.
  7. Ad blocking browsers are also introduced on mobile technology which, along with to blocking ads, also helps to minimize users’ mobile data usage and also help to speed up page loading time.

But Ad block may also have a few negative impacts. To start with, it may cause some important features and content of the websites to disappear. Especially when you are on sites like online shopping, ticket bookings etc. you may miss out some important promotional offer. These Adblockers also pose a great threat to the very existence of many independent media outlets as they highly depend on online advertising for their revenue. This may pose a great challenge to the digital media to thrive and remain viable.

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