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Incredit Group

Outstanding amongst other realized loaning brands. Works with the brand InCREDIT GROUP. Non-bank loan boss, restricted obligation organization Incredit Group  entered in the Commercial Register on 16.07.2010, with enrollment number 40103307404, legitimate location Kr. Barona Street 130, Riga, LV-1012. Its settled up offer capital is 500,000 euros, and Rietumu Bank possesses 51% of Incredit Group. Uncommon credit permit or exceptional grant for the arrangement of customer credit benefits No. NK-2016-018 gave by the Consumer Rights Protection Center (CRPC) by the choice of 14 September 2016. In 2016, she worked with a benefit of 2.399 million euros, which is 40.1% more than in 2015. In 2016, it gave advances for the aggregate sum of 36.513 million euros. The Consumer Rights Protection Center (CRPC) illuminates that in the principal half of 2017 it has gotten 3 objections about InCREDIT GROUP. Toward the start of 2016, the CRPC fined InCREDIT GROUP with a fine of 4,500 euros.

InCREDIT GROUP offers 5 loaning administrations 

Money advance – different sorts of money advances from 100 EUR to 5000 EUR, with a term of as long as 60 months; InCREDIT card – card with credit up to 1000 EUR, from 1.7% every month, free enrollment and administration; Credit for products and enterprises – accessible at numerous retail locations, for example, ELKOR. You can acquire from 70 EUR up to 5000 EUR, without an upfront instalment. It is conceivable to apply for an advance from an accomplice (merchant of products or specialist co-op) on the spot; incredit Car renting – beginning from 1051 EUR up to 25’000 EUR, as long as 60 months. The vehicle is enlisted in the purchaser’s name. The vehicle can be chosen within 30 days after getting the advance. The vehicle can be chosen within 30 days after getting the credit; Loan for organizations – an advance for the acquisition of merchandise up to 5000 EUR, or an advance for the acquisition of a vehicle up to 25’000 EUR with a term of as long as 72 months. Acquisition of merchandise or vehicles is conceivable from any dealer all through Latvia. The conditions for getting an advance are like other Latvian credit foundations, you should be a lasting occupant of Latvia between the ages of 21 and 70 (toward the finish of the advance term), you should have a pronounced location in the Republic of Latvia, have a functioning record with a Latvian bank, and be ordinary. pay, which permits you to reimburse the advance, and a visa or ID card will be needed to apply for credit.

Credit for those working abroad – not advertised! 

You will get a choice on allowing an advance upon the arrival of filling in the application. Or on the other hand the following business day if you fill in the special seasons. Regardless of the way that it is conceivable to fill in a credit application on the web or at accomplices, InCREDIT GROUP has 19 client assistance focuses. Seven of them are situated in Riga, the rest are situated in the biggest urban communities of Latvia. On the off chance that you are a client, you can undoubtedly discover the credit balance or the measure of the regularly scheduled instalment, in the exceptionally made area men. incredit. lv or in any of the client assistance focuses. While paying on the spot in the client assistance focus, an extra commission expense of 2.00 euros should be paid.

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